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Business Services

Welcome to 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles' Portfolio of custom designs in scale modeling.
Here are some ideas of the work that we can do for you:
* Change or customize the basic color of ANY scale model vehicle to the specifications of your real car, boat or plane.
* Have a model created to suit your needs even if it only exists in your thoughts. We will help you hammer out your
   ideas into something real.
* Recreate an interior or exterior to meet that of a real vehicle including but not limited to any specific parts and or
* Enhance the engine compartment of a large scale automobile such as a 1/18 to include detailed wiring and
   realistically painted parts.
* Add working lights to any vehicle or scenic diorama for added realism.
* Add personalized details such as your real license plate number or even inspection sticker on the window of a
   scaled down automobile model.
* We can even match a scratch or dent on your real car and apply that to the scale model.
  *Photos would be required of each of the details that you specify for the duplication to be accurate.
* Have a diorama built to your exact specifications** including scale model buildings, vehicles and scenery. This
   type of work can be used to enhance a model vehicle that you already own or one
that you are having made by 
* Say you would like to build a car or building kit but lack the modeling skills to do so. Ask US to do it for you!


Important Notes: Full payment is expected before work begins. Prices are in direct relation to the type of work and how involved a project it is that you need done. If you require a model or the details of a model that need to be EXACT, then you MUST state that. **For models needing EXACT detailing, documentation in the form of detailed photos and worded explanations including but not limited to color, dimension, materials and even quality are absolutely critical. The models we build can only be as detailed as your requested explanation and documentation. Without this information, the modeler has the right to interpret as best he can from the information that was supplied by you in order to get the job done. We will not take responsibility for ANY detail that you may find is not incorporated into the final product that you receive from us if that detail was not specifically stipulated in the original contract at the time that you submitted your payment. It is VERY important that you understand this BEFORE committing to us any payment for building a scale model as once a payment is submitted, it cannot be returned. If you have questions and would like an estimate, please send us an by clicking on the MAILBOX at the left side of this page.

RETURNS: You have 7 days to look over your model once you accept delivery. If after receiving a completed model from us, you find a detail that was left out of the original contract, you must bring it to our attention ASAP in order for us to make any corrections, so please look at your model carefully immediately after receiving it. We WILL NOT accept returns for corrections beyond 7 days from the time of accepting delivery. If we find your claim to request a correction to be accurate, we will issue you an email including what corrections will be made along with an RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) number. You MUST include a copy of this email in with your model upon it's return to us. Any costs associated with the return of a model to us will be your responsibility. Returns on custom built models must be received by us in the EXACT same condition that they were sent to you, unaltered and undamaged and must be FULLY insured in the event of any damage in transit. We will not be responsible for the cost of repairing any damages that your model incurs during transit back to us so it is imperative that it is packed securely with no less than 4-5 inches of padding on ALL sides. In the event that your model does get damaged in transit, it will be your responsibility to file the claim at your end for reimbursement. In that event, you will be responsible to pay us ALL costs of return shipping including insurance so that you may present the damaged model to the shipping carrier to file the claim.

Below are links to some of the models that have
been done by 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles

1/12 Pontiac Trans Am replica shown with the real car

1/18 1962 Nova SS converted to a 1964 Nova II

1/160 Major League Baseball Stadium diorama

1/144  NASCAR racetrack diorama

1/8 Hot Rod & Garage Diorama

1/87 Wood Construction Train Station

1/150 Hyundai Ocean Oil Rig

1/25 Scale Auto Carrier Diorama

If you are a modeler and need supplies, feel free to ask for information about Testors hobby paint from the Standard, Master & Boyd Series of both jars and spray cans. Send us an Email with your needs by clicking on the MAILBOX at the left side of this page, as we have a large inventory currently available with a rainbow of colors to choose from. Also available are modeling paint brush sets for just about every application of paint  for the hobby.


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