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At the 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles website, you'll find one of the largest and most diversified selections of hobbies, toys and collectibles on the Internet! From Model Trains to Diecast; Jewelry to Musical Instruments; Sports to Coins and so much more, we offer products and supplies that cover it all! Those looking for the perfect gift will appreciate our variety of items that cover nearly every holiday occasion. Browse through the over 350 categories of items and find all you're looking for under one roof!
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Advertise your item(s) - Page Information
        123 Studio Toybox Collectibles offers you the opportunity to utilize the power of the Internet to sell your item(s) by using our site. We send out merchandise listings everyday to countless requests from customers asking us for different collectibles and hobby related items all the time. If you decide to advertise your item(s) within one of our product categories, your item(s) will be included on a list that goes out to those that request products for that specific category. In addition, interested buyers from all over the World that visit our site and buy from us will be able to see your item(s) that appear in the listings of our website.

         It's simple! You have 2 options to choose from and the actual item(s) you are selling never leave your hands until after you sell them so there's no need to worry about the items getting damaged or lost in transit with a third party. The first option is to just send us an email or mail us a letter with a photo(1 photo per item) and an accurate detailed description of the item(s) that you would like to sell. Be as informative as you can with your description and we'll post it on our website in the appropriate category. Your item(s) will usually appear on our website within 24hrs of receipt or clearance of your payment. The payment is based on the advertising Fee Table shown below. Anyone interested in your item(s) will be prompted to inquire within for more information. We will then immediately forward the interested party's request via email on to YOU along with their email address so that you can respond directly. (Your email must be valid as we take no responsibility for email inaccuracies)
         The second option is for us to screen your customers for you. Send us two or more good photos(2 photos per itemof the item(s) and an accurate detailed description for each item you wish to sell and we'll present that information to all perspective buyers that send us a request. If we feel that they are a serious buyer, we'll have them contact you for more information on how they can purchase the item(s). Only serious buyers will be given your email address to make contact, this way you won't need to deal with the tire kicker types. :)
         NOTE: We take no responsibility for any inaccuracies of the information that you provide or details that do not show in the photos of your listed product. If you find any posted information to be inaccurate with regard to your listing, you are solely responsible for contacting us to request any corrections necessary. We act only as a venue to promote your merchandise to perspective buyers and do not take part in collecting fees or shipping products. Any transactions that take place between buyers and sellers is done outside of our involvement since we do not handle the physical aspects of the transaction in any way.

          The fee for advertising your item(s) with us is a one time fee for a set period of time that's based on a percentage of the value you set on your item(s). We will need to know what price you plan to set your item(s) at after which the fee will be figured based on the chart below. You have 4 options to choose from. Unlike companies similar to Ebay, we do not charge you a second "sales fee" if your item sells. You could sell your item(s) for a dollar or a thousand dollars, it wouldn't matter. You are only charged a single one time listing fee for advertising on our site. And the fee itself is much lower than that of other consignment companies that boast about how many people they bring in. Most of those companies do not specialize in many of the categories that we do, so when you list your item(s) with us, you can be sure that our customers are geared more in the direction of buying what your selling. Fee options are as follows...

       A                      7 Days                   Basic Listing            15% of listed value
       B                      7 Days                 Buyer Screening         25% of listed value
       C                     14 Days                  Basic Listing            20% of listed value
       D                     14 Days                Buyer Screening         30% of listed value

           At the end of the listed period of time you have the option of renewing the listing if the item did not sell. Otherwise, you need not do anything and the item(s) will automatically expire from our listings after the selected period of time is over.

           If you feel that you would like to offer to sell us your item(s) at any time, feel free to view the "BUYING PAGE" to see what we have interest in obtaining for our inventory. For more information about advetising your item on our site, feel free to contact us by clicking on the Mailbox to the left of this page.


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