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We can build any custom scale model to your specifications whether it's real or fictional! To view FULL details & portfolio of other modeling projects, click the Custom Scale Modeling link in the left column under Business Services.
1/18 1941 Plymouth Hardtop conversion

This page features a model that was customized for one of our best customers. We took an existing diecast metal 1941 Plymouth HARDTOP in 1/18 scale and converted it into a convertible version. See the photos below for views and comparison of before and after with informative details.

This model started out as a 1/18 scale diecast 1941 Plymouth HARDTOP in Cream as shown above.
The body and chassis were completely taken apart including all moulding parts(Below).


The roof had to be cut and removed and the doors height had to be slightly lowered and reshaped to match the contour of the rear boot area. The rear trunk hinge needed to be completely rebuilt as the old one was no longer of any use with the way the casting was originally made. It just wouldn't work for the new convertible. You'll notice the custom metal work located behind the rear seats just in front of the trunk. This also worked to build up the area to make the boot that would be applied over top(Below left).

Much filing and metal work was needed to complete the body as well which then had to be stripped and prepared for priming. Then the first of several coats of the model's blue base color was applied and allowed to cure(Below Right).  


The door interiors were also customized to match the new door height. Then new custom made portal windows were attached as seen in the left photo below.

The rear boot was a sort of secret formula we came up with that was more like a heavy paper mache. It was applied and shaped around the rear seats area. Once dry, over top was a thin light material of almost tissue consistancy with texture to simulate leather. A coating of crazy glue was used over top of that and allowed to dry hard.(Below right).


Finishing touches to the rear boot involved a few coats of paint starting with a primer and finishing off with a satin black to give the right touch of realism(Lower left).

Toward the later half of using the body on and off the interior to measure for the work being done to the boot, it's trim parts were being slowly re-applied to it. Once the boot was done, the body was prepped and got 2 gloss clear coats to bring out it's luster, then was finally attached for the last time(Lower right).


Finally, we gave the model a custom display with a stained & varathaned hand made wood base and clear case. The end result is shown in the 3 images below... Our customer was satisfied with the result. :)

Feel free to scroll to the first and last photos to see the total change that took place!



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