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Business Services

Photograph Restoration Services

Here at 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles, we have many professional resources at our disposal and we like to be able to offer those as services to our customers if needed. One such resource is the capability to have your old or damaged photographs restored back to like new condition.
All we would need is for you to either send us the original or email us a high resolution copy of the original photograph or image in need of repair. If sending us the original, it's important for you to know that your original is treated with the utmost care and is never physically worked on or extensively handled. It is only used in making the initial copy. From that copy, our artisan goes to work repairing any damage that the image or photo has.

It's one thing for a photo restoration service to offer that service having the equipment to do the job, but it's a completely different thing when the people doing the work not only have the equipment, but also have decades of experience as artists in all types of medium. You should know that the artisan that does the restoration on your images here at 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles has over 30 years experience as an artist in Oil painting, water color, 3 dimensional modeling and more. Strict attention is given to the finest details. This experience guarantees that your image restoration will have a very professional end  result. For examples in other types of work that our artisan has done for our customers, feel free to visit the  Custom Scale Modeling page.

What we can do for your troubled images...

*     Process can be done on any image up to 8 1/2 X 11 inches in size
*     Color enhancement and rejuvenation on images that have faded and washed out
*     Tattered and split borders can be completely repaired back to new condition
*     Split and cracked images can be restored with no evidence of damage
*     Completely torn images can be mended and restored with no evidence of damage
*     Even images that are missing parts of the picture can be reworked to look like nothing
         was ever missing.
*     Restored images can be resized to any size up to 8 1/2" X 11"
*     Restored images can be reprinted on your choice of glossy or matte finish

Many people have only one photo of a person, place or thing that is very important to them. And in many cases that image is in very bad shape and borders on being lost forever never to be passed down to future generations to preserve the important history that it represents. WE CAN HELP! Use the MAILBOX to the left of this page by sending us an email to discuss what we can do for you and your precious images.

Below is an example of work that we have done to give you an idea.
This is a photograph that was originally 3 1/2 X 5 inches in size. It was taken back in 1970 and over the years has cracked and developed tears in the borders. Note the extensive damage...
Now look below to witness that all the damage including the bad creases and cracks that went right through the heart of the photo are completely gone. This was a total restoration and this result can be the same result that you would get with your image as well.


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