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At the 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles website, you'll find one of the largest and most diversified selections of hobbies, toys and collectibles on the Internet! From Model Trains to Diecast; Jewelry to Musical Instruments; Sports to Coins and so much more, we offer products and supplies that cover it all! Those looking for the perfect gift will appreciate our variety of items that cover nearly every holiday occasion. Browse through the over 350 categories of items and find all you're looking for under one roof!
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Let us build you a train set!

We have more than enough stock to build a set for you from scratch! You can choose from thousands of either NEW or USED items depending on your budget. Read below for details! 

     People are always telling us how much of a hassle it is to find a train set that suits their needs exactly. And buying items brand new can become extremely expensive! Especially when you need to go out and buy additional items to complete it. We believe that we can get you most everything you would need at an affordable price all at once. You wouldn't have to go any further than this site!

The most common of all sizes and the one we specialize in variety wise for this service is HO Scale. We do stock both N(smaller) and O(larger) gauge trains as well, but we've found that most people are looking to HO because of the friendly size(train cars approx 6 to 8 inches in length.)



     It is difficult to find everything you want in one set. You always have to buy what you see and then add to the set later at a big expense. When we put sets together for people, we try to get them everything they need including buildings and accessories. And the accessories could be anything... people, cars and trucks, telephone poles, bridges, scenery and more.

We have tens of thousands of both new and used trains and accessories to choose from, so if you want an inexpensive set and are not offended by buying used items, you are not forced into spending big bucks in order to get everything you need. You can buy used and still get a nice set very affordably priced. Or if money is no object, then we can set you up with higher quality brand new items. It's all up to what you want. The point is, we can customize the set to fit your exact needs and at the same time, do it affordably to fit your budget!



There are so many different ideas that it would be impossible to give examples of everything, but for starters, we'll talk basics first...

There are two primary types of train sets to chose from. Either "Freight" or "Passenger."

Freight sets can normally consist of anywhere from a few train cars to as many as six or eight. For model trains, pulling more than that many would require a much higher quality locomotive or even several. But assuming you're reading this to get an easy affordable set, 5 cars would be typical. :)  That would usually include a box car, hopper car, gondola car, tanker car and caboose. But really, it can be whatever you want it to be, it's your set! And that is the beauty in what we do to allow you to customize what it is that you want. For the locomotive, you can choose from either a diesel with more modern freight cars or an older style steam locomotive with more vintage style train cars.

Passenger sets usually consist of 3 or 4 cars plus the locomotive and are similar to freight trains in that you can select either an older style set with a steam locomotive or a new set with a more streamlined looking diesel.

All sets will include a basic oval track setup including a power transformer, track connectors and wiring. You can trim the oval down to a circle but in HO scale, you will need at least 4 square feet for the smallest possible layout. For those wanting a more elaborate track layout, you are welcome to discuss with us whatever it is that you're looking to get. We can set you up with as much or as little track as you need!



Once you decide the type and era of train set that you want, that helps to decide the rest. For example, if you choose a vintage 1800s steam loco passenger or freight set, you may want buildings such as those in a Western setting. Maybe a General store and a saloon or vintage hotel. Or, if you go with a modern freight set, you may want buildings such as more modern factories with an industrial theme. Or maybe you want a modern looking town with some stores and houses so you can have a modern diesel running a passenger set through it.

The whole thing is limited only by your imagination. And if you tell us what your budget is, we can send you images and prices of various buildings and structures that you can choose from to create your very own custom designed set with all the trimmings.

You also have the option of buying either new kits that you can build yourself, or used models that have already been built. New kits are generally more expensive but the used build ups can be a more affordable way to get more buildings on your layout for less money. There is also a skill factor involved with building "kits" and unless you have the patience, you may not want to go that route. On the other hand we stock hundreds of building kits that are great for the veteran model builder as well. :) But to give you a basic idea, we have all types of buildings that include factories and industrial buildings, modern, european or farmland and country style houses, churches, western style buildings, stores, multi story city buildings, gas stations, bridges, water towers, train passenger and freight stations, signal towers and much more. Like I said, it can get nuts! :)



We stock hundreds of vehicles involving a vast assortment of types including automobiles, small trucks and semi rigs, a great selection of farm tractors, work and construction vehicles and others. And again, you have the option of choosing from different eras. For example, we have a great selection of 1950s automobiles, but then again, we have more modern cars and trucks from the 1960s, 70s and 80s as well. Or if you want, we can set you up with vehicles from the early 1900s. And we also specialize in Military too! We have a great assortment of tanks, jeeps, armoured vehicles and more so you can even build an armory or military theme if you like.



We do stock a very large assortment of people and scenery(trees, bushes, etc) in mostly used form but very good reusable condition. And again, we have quite an assortment of military figures in this scale. But we also have many types of bridges including lighted trestle bridges that can add a nice touch. And we have a variety of both town and train signs and telephone poles. For those looking for automation, we also have a selection of automated or manuel working accessories available such as coal, pipe and log loaders to add more fun to the layout.





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