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1/144 Scale NASCAR Race Track Diorama

This page features one of the most involved diorama models that we've ever done! Taking all of the eliments of a real NASCAR super speedway, we applied them to recreate a scaled down 1/144 version of an approximate one half mile race track. See the photos below for views and read about the many features that were incorporated.

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You are looking at a completely scratchbuilt diorama depicting a NASCAR race track with no expense of imagination spared in every detail possible. Geared for 1/144 scale and measuring approx. 4 by 2 1/4 feet in size, this model contains over 700 hand painted figures that are no larger than one quarter inch high, over 300 of which include the 43 full 7 man pit crews with race officials with each pit stall including scatchbuilt gas cans, tires, war wagon tool boxes, air guns & hoses and assorted tools. Fully equipped and lighted garage stalls, Lighted Box suites and walk bridge, concessions stands, Winner's circle with trophy, Under track tunnel, Emergency crews & treatment center with Evac Heliport, Flag stand, Position tower, Detailed race track & mid field with 3 dimensional texture, Elaborate security fencing and concrete walls and complete with Rv's, Campers, Race haulers and over 43 Race Cars. The crowd in the stands are even on they're feet for the 2 car accident going into turn 4 with realistic smoked tires and damaged race cars while Jeff Gordon & Dale Earnhardt Race to the line. This is one of the more involved dioramas that you will ever see. It took approx. one month to built working everyday of that time.

The base on this model started out as a solid piece of wood that was carved to create the banking of the track. Putty was then applied many times over as the track was sanded literally over 100 times to get it as smooth as possible. The paint was specially mixed with particles in it to create a 3 dimensional appearence when viewed. Tire burn marks and track lines were then applied later. The concrete walls were made of rubber with added talcom powder for a very realistic dust effect. The fencing was made of fine material netting and straight pins were used and inserted into the walls as main supports. Even many of the cars themselves needed to be custom painted to match that of the real drivers of the day, namely the Dale Earnhardt model along with his hauler which was completely custom made.

The above photo shows Gordon Beating out Earnhardt at the finish line for the caution flag with the teams of pit crew guys in the pit areas to the right. Below is shown a concessions stand and mobile & trailer parking complete with fans and a limousine. The Limo was a custom build from two 1/144 scale 1955 Chevy diecast models.


A very realistic crash was created in turn 4(photo below) using fine cotton and acrylic paint for the smoke effect. Existing miniature diecast NASCAR models were bent up for added realism and tire rubber and crash marks put into the track and walls where the impacts and skid marks were. The crowd is on they're feet to the left.

Below shows Gordon & Earnhardt coming to the line underneath the walkbridge with the pits in the distance to the right.

The next shot shows an area of the pits and the Medivac Heliport, Medical Services and Garage & Race Hauler parking area. Here we have only FIVE pit areas... but consider that the pit areas were created all around the track on pit road 43 times with varying degrees of change for contrast from one pit to the next. That part of the project alone was one of the more time consuming jobs of the model. And the Dale Earnhardt Hauler was a scratchbuild design. 1/144 Earnhardt haulers were never made so we had to create the graphics for one and paint it ourselves.

As an added touch, we went to a recording studio and recorded a play by play audio tape of all the events that are taking place around the track. Announcers, crowd noise, pit sounds and race cars. So when looking at the model, the audio brings your attention to the various things going on around the track for added interest.

Hope you enjoyed viewing the images as much as we enjoyed building this model. :)


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