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Novelty Toys & Holiday Gifts

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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Condition on items listed below are New for the most part.

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01590/092     1999 Miniature Shoprite Oil Tanker Tractor Trailer "Really Lights up!"
01589/000     1999 Miniature Shoprite 40' Tractor Trailer "Really Lights up!"
(Above are similar to the miniature Hess trucks that are sold in the spring)

00025/092     Set of 3 Looney Tunes Vehicles featuring Daffy, Bugs & Porky each      driving a different vehicle. Cute set. Makes a terrific gift item.

00140/122     Lionel Steam Locomotive & Tender "Salt & Pepper" Shakers - Porcelain made set - NEW in original box

Tiny detailed Diecast cars on Keychains:
Choose from the following:
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03786/005      1998 Dodge Viper
03177/000      1957 Chevy Bel Air
03194/000      1964 Chevy Corvette
03787/005      1959 Cadillac Eldorado
03192/000      1950 Ford Coupe
03191/000      1958 Chevy Impala
03788/005      1969 Chevy Camaro
03185/000      1968 Ford Mustang
03173/000      1998 Dodge Ram Pickup
Choice/000     1998 Chevy Monte Carlo Race Car
02384/002      1998 Ford Taurus Race Car
Choice/000     1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Race Car
Choice/000     1997 Ford Thunderbird Race Car


09358/032      1956 Ford Thunderbird(Texaco Fire Chief in Black)
09371/032      1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible(Texaco "Texas Company" in Black)

(Mini highly detailed precision diecast replicas perfect for displaying with 1/43 scale cars & trucks or just to collect. Approx. size 3 inches tall.)

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09656/167     1919 Wayne Cut 519
09557/167     1927 Aster Boutillon
09558/167     1932 Erie U-10
09569/167     1932 Tokheim 850
09560/167     1936 Tokheim 36-B
09561/167     1937 Bowser 37
09562/167     1937 Wayne 60

The selection of miniature 1/144 scale NASCAR diecast stock cars can be custom made into either Christmas ornaments or sold in keychain form. The size of approx. 1 inch in length makes them perfect gifts for any occassion. The selection is as follows:
SKU:         Description:
02674/000     Walley Dallenbach "First Union" Chevy Monte Carlo
02682/000     Hermie Sadler "DeWalt" Chevy Monte Carlo
02690/000     Bret Bodine "Close Call" Ford Thunderbird
02698/000     Dennis Setzer "lance" Chevy Monte Carlo
02700/000     Robby Gordon "Sabco" Chevy Monte Carlo
02710/000     Mark Martin "Valvoline" Ford Thunderbird
02706/000     Joe Nemechek "Bell South" Chevy Monte Carlo
02734/000     Robert Pressley "Cartoon Network" Chevy Monte Carlo
02740/000     Mike Wallace "Spam" Chevy Monte Carlo
02742/000     Randy LaJoie "Fina" Chevy Monte Carlo
02744/000     Ernie Irvan "Havoline" Ford Thunderbird
02756/000     Jimmy Foster "Speedvision" Ford Thunderbird
02758/000     Jeff Purvis "Lance" Chevy Monte Carlo
02762/000     Derrick Cope "Skittles" Pontiac Grand Prix
02776/000     Ron Barfield "New Holland" Ford Thunderbird
02782/000     Terry LaBonte "Kelloggs" Chevy Monte Carlo
02786/000     Terry LaBonte "Alka-Seltzer" Chevy Monte Carlo
02796/000     Geoff Bodine "QVC" Ford Thunderbird
02814/000     Buckshot Jones "Aqua Fresh" Pontiac Grand Prix
02818/000     Ricky Craven "Raybestos" Chevy Monte Carlo
02820/000     Ricky Craven "Hendrick" Chevy Monte Carlo
02822/000     Michael Waltrip "Citgo" Ford Thunderbird
02826/000     Michael Waltrip "Citgo" Ford Taurus
02830/000     Hut Stricklin "Circuit City" Ford Thunderbird
02832/000     Hut Stricklin "Circuit City" Chevy Monte Carlo
02834/002     Jerry Nadeau / Dan Marino Ford Taurus
02848/000     Todd Bodine "Stanley" Pontiac Grand Prix
02860/000     Rick Mast "Remington" Ford Thunderbird
Similar to the miniature Stock Cars listed above are the same size diecast called "Stock Rods". These neat tiny models are various Hot Rods that have famous NASCAR driver & sponsor logos painted right on them. Some of the models include 1957 Chevy Bel Airs; 1969 Chevy Camaros and 1968 Ford Mustangs. For more information on these including a complete list of drivers available, please send a request via the purchase form or email.

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05456/000     "Little Goat Herder"(Boy w/Lambs) #200/0 TM4 - Mint unboxed
05457/000     "Singing Lesson"(Boy w/Little Bird) #63 TM3 - Mint unboxed
01096/000     "Home From Market" #198 2/0 - Mint unboxed
09615/000     Collector's Club Member Plaque No#(Variety I) - 4.25"(White) Mint in Box, box has minor damage(4)

09616/000     "Smiling Through" Collector's Club Member Plaque #690 Issue #2 (Mint - NO Box)-Only available with a club member's redemption certificate, this piece originally retailed for $50.

06881/000    "Stormy Weather" #280 10" First Series Collector Plate - Excellent shape in Original box - Box has some wear.

00140/000     LOONEY TUNES Porcelain figurine "Marvin The Martian" from the Goebel "Spotlight Collection" Marvin holding Martian Flag in one hand and pointing his disintegrating gun in the other. Numbered one of 10,098 & comes with all paperwork and original box. Item is mint, box has wear. Measures approx. 5-6 inches tall.

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05512/000     1.5 inch and smaller set of 3 open end wrenches - Made of metal set in a neat plastic pouch

05513;05514/000     1 inch Mini Cell Phone(2 varieties) - Made of metal in the color Black

05515;05516/000     Approx. 2 inch diameter Console computers - TWO varieties(Console Monitor w/horizontal hard drive OR Flat screen monitor w/Tower hard drive) Made of wood & Metal asnd includes the keyboard and mouse - May come in either Gray or Cream

05517/000     1.5 inch mini Laptop Computer - Made of metal and folds in half - Comes in Gray

07167/000     Mini set of NINE highly detailed tools including Hammer; Pliers; Scissors; Screw Driver; Nut Cracker; Pipe Wrench; Hatchet; Switch Blade knife and Regular Wrench all measuring approx 1 inch in size. (This set is absolutely incredible and can be applied in many ways such as used for making Jewelry since all the pieces have loops that can be used to hang them. Makes a Great gift for the dollhouse collector, Carpenter or miniatures collector. Really neat item set with many moving parts such as a folding switchblade and wrenches, nutcracker, pliers and Scissors that all really work!!)

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05040/183     We have a diverse collection of intricately hand made and very fragile glass pieces that have recently just arrived. Sizes range from one inch to as large as 8 inches and cover many topics such as Horses, Mice, Clowns, Fish, Birds, Swans, Rabbits, Pianos and much more. These pieces are absolutely beautiful! Please ask to see some photos if any of these topics sound interesting.

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05449/000      Only available to Avon Employees are these beautifully crafted and hand painted porcelain figurines given as gifts to high sales achievement. These classic fragile pieces come in two sizes, 3 and 9 inches. The smaller size is neatly encased in an oval clear dome mounted to a porcelain base. All figurines are in MINT shape and come with certificates congradulating the recipient all in the original boxes. Some boxes do have wear or minor damage. Please ask for photos of pieces that are available as the selection changes in our inventory.

SKU:             Description:
00140A/229       Volkswagen Beetle(Black) - Avon Spicy After Shave(no box)
00140B/229       Volkswagen Beetle(Red) - Sports Rally Bracing Lotion(No Box)
00140C/229       Straight Eight Antique Car(Green Clear) - Windjammer After Shave(No Box)
00140D/229       Packard Roadster(Yellow Clear) - Leather Cologne(No Box)
00140E/229       Stanley Steamer(Blue Clear) - Windjammer Cologne(No Box)
00140F/229       Sterling Six Antique Car(Brown Clear) - Tribute After Shave(No Box)
00140G/229       Vintage Woody Antique Car(Green Clear) - Tai Winds After Shave(No Box)
00140H/229       Volkswagen Bus(Red) - Sure Winner Bracing Lotion(w/Box)
00140I/229        1902 Haynes-Apperson Antique Car(Green Clear) - Tai Winds After Shave(w/Box)
00140J/229       022 Golden Rocket Vintage Steam Train(Gold Clear) - Tai Winds After Shave(w/Box)
00140K/229       Mini-Bike(Yellow Clear) - Sure Winner Bracing Lotion(w/Box)
00140L/229       1955 Ford Thunderbird(Dark Blue Clear) - Deep Woods After Shave(w/Box)
00140M/229      1965 Corvette Stingray(Green Clear) - Wild Country After Shave(w/Box)
00140N/229      1951 Studebaker(Dark Green Clear) - Wild Country After Shave(w/Box)
00140O/229      1953 Ferrari(Brown Clear) - Wild Country After Shave(w/Box)
00140P/229       Jaguar(Green Clear) - Deep Woods After Shave(w/Box)
00140Q/229       Big Mack Vintage Stake Truck(Green Clear) - Oland After Shave(w/Box)
00140R/229       Country Vendor Vintage Ford Truck(Brown Clear) - Wild Country After Shave(w/Box)
00140S/229       Cadillac Excalibur(Gold Plate) - After Shave(w/Box)
00140T/229       1927 Bugatti(Black w/Chrome trim) - Deep Woods After Shave(w/Box)
00140U/229       1937 Cord(Tan) - Tai Winds After Shave(w/Box) - Color is slightly worn.
00140V/229       The Harvester Farm Tractor(Yellow Clear) - Wild Country After Shave(w/Box)
00140W/229      1933 Pierce Arrow(Blue) - Deep Woods After Shave(w/Box)
00140X/229        Ford Model A(Yellow) - Leather After Shave(w/Box)
00140Y/229        Sterling Six II Antique Car(Green Clear) - Tai Winds After Shave(w/Box)
00140Z/229        The Atlantic 4-4-2 Steam Train Loco(Chrome) - Leather After Shave(w/Box)
00140AA/229     1923 Maxwell(Dark Green) - Deep Woods After Shave(w/Box)
00140AB/229     1910 Fire Truck "Fire Fighter"(Red) - Tai Winds After Shave(w/Box)
00140AC/229     1908 Thomas Flyer(White) - Oland After Shave(w/Box)
00140AD/229     Road Runner Trike(Blue Clear) - Sure Winner Bracing Lotion(w/Box)
00140AE/229     Avon Cable Car(Green & White) - Leather After Shave(w/Box)

SKU:         Description:
06850/000     Hot Dog Maker Clown - 7" tall 1980 signed VERY RARE
06850/085     Barella Clown - 7" tall signed 1994
06850/000     Clown taking bow - 4" tall signed 1999
06850/000     Small Clown - 3" tall Very Early Ron Lee - RARE
06850/000     Small Clown - 3" tall Very Early Ron Lee - RARE
06850/222     CCG2 Clown w/Hearts 5" tall Signed 1992
06850/222     L135 "In Over My Head" Clown in garbage Pail - 5.5" tall Signed 1991(1 of 3750)

06850/222     L131 "Get Well" Clown in cast w/cane and arm sling holding flowers - 5.5" tall Signed 1988(1 of 3750)

06850/222     L170 "The Doctor" Clown w/Tongue Depresser - 5.5" tall Signed 1990(1 of 7500)
06850/222     L152 "Stormy Weathers" Clown holding umbrella - 5" tall Signed 1989(1 of 2750)
06850/222     418 "BOZO" Clown marching - 6" tall Signed 1985
06850/222     "Clown in Bathtub" - 3.5" tall Signed 1984
06850/222     CCG9 "Rock-A-Billy" 5" tall Signed 1996
06850/222     L148 "Clown in half moon w/star in his hand" - 4" tall Signed 1994(1 of 1750)
06850/222     CCG1 "Clown w/overalls" - 5.5" tall Signed 1995
06850/222     CCG8 "Clown dancing" - 6" tall Signed 1995
06850/222     TP200 "Clown leaning against clock"(Real working clock) - 5" tall Signed 1993
06850/222     CCG7 "Sailor Clown" - 5.5" tall Signed 1994
06850/222     CCG6 "Clown in Green tophat" - 4.5" tall Signed 1993
06850/222     CCG10 "Clown w/Coat on waving" - 5" tall Signed 1997
06850/222     CCG11 "Clown seated Indian style" - 4" tall Signed 1998

Note:Some boxes may have minor damage and wear. Figurines are MINT.
SKU:         Description:
07203/162     "These Are For You"-  Giving Flowers
07203/162     "A Basket Of Love" - w/ Bunny in basket
07203/162     "A Basket Of Joy" - w/ 3 small chicks in basket(2)
07203/162     "A Basket Of Cheer"-  Holding basket of flowers
07203/162     "Im All Dressed Up" - Dressed up snowbunny with bonnet & umbrella & small bluebird
07203/162     Lily Pad - For Snowbunny display purposes
07203/162     "Bonnets & Bows" - Holding Easter Egg dressed in Bonnet

07203/162     "I Need A Little Push Please" - Snowbunny swinging from a tree-swing asking for help from a small bluebird sitting in his nest

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Easy Does It" Set of 2 - Plasying crocket with eggs

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Happy Birthday To You" - One gives Birthday cake to other sitting on Gift box.

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Easter Delivery" - Snowbunny pulling large egg on wheels

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Ive Got A Brand New Pair Of Rollerskates" - 2 Snowbunnies skating along.

07203/162     Springtime Stories "On A Tricycle Built For Two" - 2 Snowbabies riding a Large tricycle, Limited 1 of only 17,500 - 1997.

07203/162     Springtime Stories "It's Working, We're Going Faster" - 2 Snowbabies coaxng a turtle to move faster with an Easter Egg while sitting atop of him.

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Let's Do The Bunny Hop" - 3 Snowbabies doing the famous dance

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Rub-A-Dub-Dub, 3 Bunnies In A Tub" - 3 Snowbunnies taking a bath in a wooden basin with Easter eggs

07203/162     Springtime Stories "Counting The Days Til Easter" - Snowbunny sitting atop a very large egg decorated with numbers next to a large Duck looking up at him.

07203/162     Springtime Stories "I'll Paint The Top" - 2 Snowbunnies painting a very large Easter Egg

Original England made Porcelain plates.
SKU:         Description:
04711/000     1977 Valentines Day Issue Plate
04712/000     1979 Valentines Day Issue Plate
04714/000     1981 Valentines Day Issue Plate
04715/000     1983 Valentines Day Issue Plate

00140/000     1994 John Hine Ltd. Shoemaker's Dream Series "Sweetheart's Shoe"  (A very beautiful & highly detailed 7 inch sculpture of a Shoe-House Multi-colored and hand painted perfect for giving to the Valentine.)

SKU:         Description:
00133/000     Elvis Presley 2 sided Puzzle #1 - 550 Pieces
00133/000     Elvis Presley 2 sided Puzzle #2 - 550 Pieces

00140/085     Elvis Presley Recollections series double sided 6-1/2 x 8 inch framed photos with actual 35mm film clipping specially inserted within. Authentic and VERY rare.
Choose from 3 designs: 
Public Image/Private Man(Personal profile with film clip of Elvis signing photographs) 
Vulgar Showman/Serious Musician(Elvis facts on back with film clip of him singing with band)
Dreams Realized/Dreams Remembered(Story about Elvis' Mom & film of him playing his Guitar at home)

00112/092     Elvis Presley Collector Cards(Terrific photos of his whole life both personal and public, home and on stage.

PEWTER GIFTS  "Looney Tunes", ETC.:
SKU:         Description:
00140/085     Rawcliffe/Warner Brothers 3-1/2 inch figure of the "Tazmanian Devil"
00140/085     Rawcliffe/Warner Brothers 3-1/2 inch figure of "Marvin The Martian"
00140/085     Rawcliffe/Warner Brothers 3-1/2 inch figure of "Yosimite Sam"
00140/000     Rawcliffe/Wizard holding sword on Pink Quartz type rock - 3 inch tall
00140/119     Rawcliffe/Lucas Films STAR WARS "Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter" - 2 1/2 inches

SKU:         Description:
09613/000     Koala Bear - 1 inch(Black & White)
09613/000     Koala Bear - 1 inch(Gray & White
09613/000     Bobcat - 1 inch(Gray & White)
09613/000     Long Haired Cat - 1 inch(Black & White)
09613/000     Long Haired Cat - 1 inch(Tan & White)
09613/000     Short Haired Cat - 1 inch(Black & White)
09613/000     Shih Tzu Dog - 1 inch(Tan & White)
09613/000     Shih Tzu Dog - 1 inch(Black & White)
09613/000     Fox - 1 inch(Brown & White)
09613/000     Fox - 1 inch(Tan & White)
09613/000     Fox - 1 inch(Black, Brown & White)
09613/000     Owl - 1 inch head(Black, Tan & White)
09613/000     Owl - 2 1/2 inch Head & Body(Multi-Brown & White)
09613/000     Fox - 3 inch Magnet(Tan & White)

SKU:         Description:
00140/085     Schmid Porcelain Music Box featuring a Drake dressed in a sailor's uniform with 2 small ducklings at each side. Figures spin around to the tune "Anchor's away" 5 inches high.

00140/085     Enesco Multi-Action Musical Box. Features Mice sitting around a Casino Roulette Wheel. The Mice move and the wheel spins as the music playing is "We're In The Money" From the Musical Society Series. 6 inches long.

00140/085     Enesco Steam Locomotive Casey Jones Train with Music & Train sounds. Very Large and beautifully carved with high detail Train Engine hand painted and mounted on tracks. Battery operated Train & Whistle noise also accompanied by it's own Musical Box that Plays "Casey Jones" Mounted to a Black finished wooden base. Approx Length of 13 inches. Terrific gift for the Train enthusiast.

00140/119     Lefton Classic Cinemas - Rialto "King Kong" w/Music of "Born Free"

SKU:         Description:
05201/000     2 1/2 inch miniature School Bus with pull back release action
05191/000     1 inch tall set of 5 multi colored troll dolls
04767/000     Set of 4 vintage charms - miniature record LPs with various artists & songs listed.

(1960S...Rare vending machine type items)
04583/000     1 inch long mini semi tractor trailer Vending Machine toy in capsule(1960s...VERY rare and unusual)

00654/000     Miniature 8x5 3/4 inch Puzzle - New York City Fire Truck
00655/000     Miniature 8x5 3/4 inch Puzzle - Long Beach, CA. Fire Truck
00656/000     Miniature 8x5 3/4 inch Puzzle - San Fransisco, CA. Fire Truck
01077/000     Party Balloons(Excellent mix of assorted sizes in lots of 10 or 20. Selection includes long 3 to 4 foot animal making balloons, small party size, very large 1 to 2 foot diameter size in a rainbow of colors.)

SKU:         Description:
00140/085     Kristin Haynes' "Dreamsicles" collection figurine "Moondance"(Hand painted one of a kind 5 inch Cherub adorned with natural floral decorations)

00140/085     Kristin Haynes' "Dreamsicles" collection figurine "The Tea Party"(Hand painted one of a kind 6 inch Cherub with Rabbits adorned with natural floral decorations)

00140/085     Glass Baron fine Art Glass figurine of a Hummingbird sitting on a heart mounted to a glass mirror with a porcelain flower adorned with 22K gold trim. Very beautiful piece. Approx. 3 inches in size.

SKU:           Description:
05494a/000     Duncan Yoyo "Glow Imperial" Glow in the Dark
05494b/000     Yomega Yoyo "Fireball Glow" Glow in the Dark