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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Condition on items listed below are New for the most part or well kept free from damage.

Clay Sculptures - Wildlife:
SKU:             Description:
00140/180-1      Asiatic Lion
00140/180-2      Bactrian Camel
00140/180-3      Cape Mountain Zebra
00140/180-4      Corsican Red Deer
00140/180-5      Cougar
00140/180-6      Elephant
00140/180-7      Gazelle
00140/180-8      Gorilla
00140/180-9      Great Gray Kangaroo
00140/180-10    Grizzly Bear
00140/180-11    Panda
00140/180-12    Spanish Lynx
00140/180-13    Tiger

SKU:              Description:
00140/180-38     African Lion
00140/180-39     Asian Lioness
00140/180-40     Black Leopard
00140/180-41     Cheetah
00140/180-42     Jaguar
00140/180-43     Puma
00140/180-44     Siberian Tiger

Porcelain Figurines - Wildlife:
00140/180-14     African Elephant & Baby
00140/180-15     Hippo & Frog "Along For The Ride"
00140/180-16     Baby Gorilla w/Turtle "Come Out, Come Out"
00140/180-17     Bengal Tiger
00140/180-18     Clouded Leopard
00140/180-19     Lion w/Cub - "Courageous Cub"
00140/180-20     Cuvier's Gazelle   
00140/180-21     Giant Panda w/Baby
00140/180-22     Grizzly Bear w/Cub
00140/180-23     Bird on Zebra's Back - "Happy Landing"
00140/180-24     Hawaiian Monk Seal w/Baby
00140/180-25     Three Rabbits - "In The Meadow"
00140/180-26     Mountain Zebra w/Baby
00140/180-27     Penguin w/2 Babies on splitting ice block - "Which Way!"
00140/180-28     Raccoons At Play
00140/180-29     Polar Bear Snow Cub on Solid Full Lead Crystal Base
00140/180-30     Snow Seal Pup on Solid Full Lead Crystal Base
00140/180-31     Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo w/Baby
00140/180-32     Family Of Penguins - "Walk This Way"
00140/180-33     Penguin & Baby sliding on Block of Ice - "Whee!"
00140/180-34     Penguin sliding on Block of Ice - "Whoops!"
00140/180-35     Wolf & Cub - "Woodland Repose"
00140/180-36     Penguin w/Babies - "Wow!
00140/180-37     2 Penguins in Love drawing heart in the snow - "WUV"

00140/180-45     15 Lawnside Road Cottage
00140/180-46     Birthday Cottage(Arches Thwonce) - December 30
00140/180-47     Bottle Kilns - Midlands Collection
00140/180-48     Coal Shed with removable metal roof and detailed Interior - Piece No.6
00140/180-49     Collector's Guild Club Piece
00140/180-50     Collector's Guild 8 inch wall plaque
00140/180-51     Fairytale Castle
00140/180-52     Falstaff Manor
00140/180-53     Gardener's Cottage complete kit with seed packets, & Garden Booklet.
00140/180-54     Little Market
00140/180-55     Macbaeth's Castle
00140/180-56     On The Riverbank - 8 inch wall plaque
00140/180-57     Queen Elizabeth Slept Here - Collector's Piece No.2
00140/180-58     Robin Hood's Hideaway - Collector's Piece No.1
00140/180-59     Tamar Cottage - West Country Collection
00140/180-60     Thank You - Mini Collector's Gift Piece distributed by Enesco
00140/180-61     The Parsonage(Large European Cottage piece)
00140/180-62     Will-O-The-Wisp - Collector's Piece No.10
00140/180-63     Woodcutter's Cottage
00140/180-64     The Plucked Ducks - Wall Plaque and Hardwood Collector's Windowbox
00140/180-65     River Shoe Cottage by John Herbert(John Hine Collection - Shoemaker's Dreams)
00140/180-66     The Upsidedown Shoe by John Herbert(John Hine Collection - Shoemaker's Dreams)