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Precious Moments

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A Prince Of A Guy
A Special Toast(Girl making toast shaped like hearts - rare club piece)
A Universal Love(Girl giving sign of peace holding flower)
All Sing His Praises(Girl with little birds & birdcage)
Cane You Join Us For A Merry(Girl holding 2 candy canes together to make heart shape)
Caring(Girl tending to bear with first aid kit)
Dreams Really Do Come True(Girl sitting on rainbow with pot of gold)
Friends To The Very End(Boy playfully pulling feathers from duck's rear)
Give Ability A Chance(Boy in wheelchair with basketball)
God Is Love Dear Valentine(Girl holding heart with saying)
God's Love Is Reflected In You(Girl sitting at vanity with puppy & kitten)
Going Home(Boy hitching lift from another boy driving car that says "Heaven Bound")
Happy Hula Days(Girl Hula Dancer)
He Cleansed My Soul(Girl in Bubble Bathtub)
His Little Treasure(Digging on beach with sand pale & shovel)
I Can't Bear To Let You Go(Cowgirl with little bear)
I Only Have Ice For You(Eskimos sharing block of ice)
Jesus Loves Me(Boy with bear)
Love Never Fails(Teacher with report card)
Love Rescued Me(Boy dressed as fireman with puppy)
Loving You Dear Valentine(Artist Boy painter with easel)
Loving(Girl with bear & little turtle)
Make A Joyful Noise(Girl kissing Drake)
May Your Birthday Be A Blessing(Girl with birthday cake)
Money's Not The Only Green Thing Worth Saving(Boy sitting on piggy bank with first aid kit mending a tree)
My Happiness(Girl collector opening mini Precious Moments figurine)
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep(Boy walking with nitecap holding candle)
Perfect Harmony(2 boys of different race singing together with music & 2 puppies)
Pizza On Earth(Boy & Puppy eating Pizza)
Pretty As A Princess(Girl dressed with crown)
Serenity Prayer Boy(Boy praying next to prayer written on plaque)
Sharing The Good News Together(Girl opening mail at mailbox with little bird)
Sharing(Girl feeding miniature bear in highchair)
So Glad I Picked You As A Friend(Girl picking flowers from flower pot)
Take It To The Lord In Prayer(Girl kneeling in prayer)
The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love(Girl with basket of fruit)
The Lord Is With You(Little Boy Angel)
To A Very Special Sister( 2 sisters exchanging kittens as gifts)
To My Forever Friend(2 girls with baskets of flowers)
Vaya Con Dios(Girl in dress with flower)
Walk In The Sonshine(Walking with kitten)
We Are God's Workmanship(Girl with butterfly)
Who's Gonna Fill Your Shoes(Girl in oversized shoes)

Wishing You A Very Successful Season(Boy & his dog opening Christmas present contaning baseball mit, bat & ball)

Yield Not To Temptation(Girl holding apple)
You Are Always There For Me(Girl showing affection towards sad younger girl on stool)
You Are The End Of My Rainbow(Girl in Pot of Gold)
You Deserve A Halo - Thank You(Boy angel giving Girl halo)
Your Love Is So Uplifting(Boy lifting younger girl up to reach water fountain)
You're The Sweetest Cookie In The Batch(Girl offering heart cookies on plate)