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123 Studio Toybox Collectibles
Christmas Holiday Gifts
Large Sized Hallmark Christmas Ornaments
Welcome to 123 Studio Toybox Collectible's
This is one of several pages we have devoted to the Christmas Holiday. On this page, you can browse the elaborate selection of what would be considered regular size Christmas ornaments that we have available by Hallmark. The link to the miniature Hallmark ornaments is below. Condition for most items here are new in original boxes. Some boxes may have shelf wear or minor damage. If you have any questions at all, please email us.
We also carry DEPARTMENT 56, SNOW BABIES, and NOVELTY CHRISTMAS ITEMS perfect for stocking stuffers!!
HALLMARK ORNAMENTS(Standard Size - 2 to 6 inches)
Toy Company Replicas
05072/105-130     Hotwheels Juice Machine & Revvin'Heaven Sizzlers set
02519/105     Hotwheels Deora II & Sweet 16 II 35th Anniversary Set w/Loop track
03089/130     1937 Steelcraft Auburn Kiddie Pedal Car replica by Murray -
03756/130     1950s Murray Champion Pedal Car from "Kiddie Car Classic" series
 - 1994(FIRST ISSUE!)
03090/130     1935 Steelcraft Streamlined Velocipede Tricycle by Murray - 1997
07099/154     1941 Murray "Pursuit" Airplane Pedal Car - 1996
03091/130     1955 Kiddie Car Classics - Fire Truck by Murray - 1995
03088/130     746 Norfolk & Western Steam Locomotive from the LIONEL series -
02517/105     Lionel Daylight Observation car Dated 2003(Lights Up!)
02518/105     Lionel Daylight Oil Tender dated 2003
02524/105     Tonka Giant Bulldozer - dated 2004
07097/154     Madame Alexander - Margaret "Meg" March from the "Little
Women" Series - FIRST issue!!
09497/154     Madame Alexander - "Little Red Riding Hood" - 2nd in the Series
09549/154     Madame Alexander - "Victorian Christmas" - 6th in the series
09499/154     Chinese Barbie - SECOND in the series of Dolls from around the
10226/154     Springtime Barbie Easter Collection - 1st in series
10226/154     Springtime Barbie Easter Collection - 2nd in series10226/154     Barbie as Little Bo Peep - 2nd in series
09837/154     Barbie Debut(Bathing Suit) - 1st in series
09506/154     Celebration Barbie Ornament - Inspired by the Holiday Barbie doll
09511/154     Holiday Barbie - 4th in the Series - Barbie in a Red Dress with White
09548/154     Suburban Shopper - Midge Barbie doll

09572/154     Barbie & Kelly on the Ice

07212/235     Peppermint Candy Cane Barbie - Ballerina dancer from "The Nutcracker"

07213/235     Celebration Barbie - 2003 dressed in White Winter Fantasy ensemble, first doll from the "Holiday Visions" series

07214/235     "Smasheroo" Barbie - from 1968 style series wearing a mod outfit from that era

07215/235     "Princess & the Pauper" Barbie dual piece - 2004

09587/154     Mistletoe Miss - FIRST in the Series!! Posable doll dressed in Pink cloth nightgown with accompanying Teddy Bear
02516/154     Lucinda & Teddy - Dressed in traditional garment with vintage teddy bear recalling the old fashioned dolls of days gone by
02521/105-235     Barry Bonds baseball player figure dated 2004
09454/154     Hank Aaron baseball player figure dated 1997
09554/154     George Brett baseball figure dated 2002
09509/154     Shaquille O'Neal basketball player from Hoop Stars series FIRST in
 the series!!
09507/154     Larry Bird - From the Hoop Stars series #2 in the series!!
10225/154     Grant Hill - Hoops Stars Series  - 4th in series
09466/154     Magic Johnson Basketball player figure dated 1997
09508/154     Kevin Garnett - From the Hoop Stars series dated 2002
09473/154     Miniature Football Shaped Blimp "CHARGERS" - NFL Collection(1)
09473/154     Miniature Football Shaped Blimp "CHIEFS" - NFL Collection(3)
09473/154     Miniature Football Shaped Blimp "EAGLES" - NFL Collection(3)
09473/154     Miniature Football Shaped Blimp "BILLS" - NFL Collection(1)
09498/154     Jeff Gordon - Stock Car Champions series FIRST in the series!!
02516/154     Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Santa Dressed in uniform with various sports balls & bat
02516/154     Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games Ornament - Acrylic
02516/154     Satchel Paige - Finely detailed metal medallion featuring this famous baseball player
02525/105     1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Coupe - Classic American Cars Series
02526/105     1931 Ford Model A Roadster - Vintage Roadsters Series
02527/105     1972 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup - All American Trucks Series
03092/130     1959 Cadillac De Ville in Pink - "Classic American Cars" series -

03093/130     1956 Ford Thunderbird - "Classic American Cars" series - 1993

06893/000     1908 Ford Model T Fire Brigade - "Magic Series" - 2008

06894/000     Hotwheels 40th Ann. Special Edition Cool California Car that was never actually produced - 2008

03094/130     1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible - "Classic American Cars" series - 1994

06891/000     1963 Chevy Corvette Z06 - 2008

06888/000     Pullman Passenger Sleeper Train Car(Lionel) - 2007

06889/000     Pullman Observation Train Car(Lionel) - 2007

06890/000     GE PA-1 Locomotive Train Engine(Lionel) - 2007

07209/235     1939 Hiawatha Steam Locomotive Train Engine(Lionel) - 2004(#9 in Series)

07210/235     1939 Hiawatha Observation Car(Lionel) - 2004 - (Roof opens showing very detailed car interior)

02517/105-235    Daylight Observation Car(Lionel) - 2007 - battery operated w/Glowing light

02518/105-235    Daylight Oil Tender(Lionel) - 2003

09457/154-235     1903 Wright Brothers "Kitty Hawk" airplane from "sky's The Limit" series - 1st in the series!!

06977/235-154(1)     1917 Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny" airplane from "sky's The Limit" series - 2 in the series!!

06978/235     Curtiss RC3-2 Seaplane from "sky's The Limit" series - 3 in the series!!

07205/235     1927 M-1 "Spirit of St. Louis" from "sky's The Limit" series - 4 in the series!!

07206/235     Gee Bee R-1 Super Sportster airplane from "sky's The Limit" series - 5 in the series!!

07207/235     Spartan Model 7-W Executive airplane from "sky's The Limit" series - 8 in the series!!

09565/154     1960s DC Comics style Batmobile with Batman & Robin inside

07211/235     1990s DC Comics style Batmobile in a deep midnight blue color

09567/154     Tin Box Car Train - 4th in the "Yuletide Central" Train Series
07098/154     Mickey's Snow Angel - Mickey Mouse playing in the snow
07096/154     Mickey Mouse "Band Leader" - Mickey playing the bass drum from
Mickey's Holiday Parade" - FIRST in the Series!!
02516/105     "The Winning Bounce" TIGGER playing basketball from the
"Winnie The Pooh" collection
09406/154     "Mickey's Long Shot" - Mickey Mouse playing golf
09407/154     "Goofy's Ski Adventure" - Goofy & Mickey tumbling chaotically
inside a large satin snowball. Very cute!
09456/154     "Pocohontas and Captain John Smith" from Pocohontas Collection
02516/154     "Captain John & Meeko" from Pocohontas Collection
10224/154     "Gus & Jaq" from Cinderella
09459/154     "Donald's Suprising Gift Donald Duck accidentally wrapping
himself as part of the gift box - FIRST in the series!!
09463/154      Piglet's First Ride - from the Winnie The Pooh Collection    
09467/154      New Pair Of Skates - Minnie Mouse helps Mickey up off the Ice
09474/154      Mickey's Locomotive - Mickey Sitting on Train Engine - FIRST in
the series!!
09475/154      Cinderella - from the Enchanted Memories Collection
09495/154      Story Time With Pooh - Winnie The Pooh & Christopher Robin too
- Classic Pooh sereies
09512/154     Donald Duck - "Practice Swing" Donald playing golf
Looney Tunes
03095/130     "Tweety Plays An Angel" - Tweety on the harp with wings - Battery
operated with sound - 2005
09405/154     "Christmas Habitat" - Tweety sitting on a Christmas ball ornament
09477/154     Michigan J. Frog - Looney Tunes Character Posing with Black top
Hat & Candy Cane
Santa Claus
09455/154     The Clauses On Vacation - Mr. & Mrs. Clause off to go fishing FIRST in the series!!
09458/154     Toymaker Santa - Santa riding a bicycle with training wheels
09478/154     Country Showtime - Blinking Lights & Motion Santa on an old Country style stage
09494/154     Merry Olde Santa - Old style Santa Claus making his journey through the snow
09493/154     Santa's Roadster - Colorful old time jalopy car with Santa driving
09511/154     Santa's Mailbox - Mr. Clause's Mailbox decorated with Christmas lights
09551/154     "Checking The List" - Santa looks over the long list with a feather pen.
09563/154     "The Biggest Fan" - Santa dressed in shirt that says "#1 Fan" while juggling a basketball, baseball, football & soccar ball
09564/154     "Cycling Santa" - Santa Claus briskly riding 2 wheel bike wearing sweat suit, back pack & helmet
09566/154     "A Handwarming Present" - Mrs. Claus gives Santa a pair of Mittens that set made for his long trip
09581/154     Santa's Sweet Surprise - Santa shown popping out of a porcelain made chimney in the shape of a gift box. Inside is cleverly disguised a plate of cookies & glass of milk. Cute item!
09582/154     Springing Santa - Santa Claus Jack-in-the-box popping out of Chimney
09583/154     Refreshing Gift - Santa Claus holding up his arms with 3 bottles of Coca Cola in each hand. Great Coke Collectible!!
09594/154     Santa Claus pulling a bag of toys with his trusty side kick Panda Bear (Set of TWO ornaments)
02516/154     Dream On - Little boy sitting on Santa's Lap reading off his enormous Christmas list
02516/154     Turn-of-the-Century - Old fashioned tricycle toy depicting Santa riding a horse

02516/154     All-Sport Santa - Santa Dressed in shirt that says "Property of North Pole Athletic" holding a bag with sports balls & football under one arm with baseball bat in hand

02516/235     "So Much To Do" Jolly Santa looking over a long list

07216/235     Rudolph & Santa from the animated television classic - Rudolph's nose lights up with button type batteries(batteries may need replacing)

02516/235     "The Decision" Classic looking Santa holding a scale with coal on one side and gift on the other

09461/154     Time For A Treat - 2 Mice relaxing with a Hershey's Bar on a snow sled
09464/154     The Winning Play - Small Mouse playing basketball on a clipoard with a play sketch
09469/154     Chris Mouse Tree - Illuminate this tree shaped piece of cheeze with a mouse using an existing tree light
09472/154     Calling All Firefighters - Mouse hanging from Firebell dressed in fireman's outfit
09476/154     Baby's First Christmas - Tiny Mouse sleeping inside his acorn with the shell overhead - Cute!
09479/154     Chris Mouse Jelly - Mouse sitting atop a jar of old fashioned jam eating a snack - Light can be placed inside illuminating this item.
09502/154     Very Merry Minutes - Mice Playing & Sleeping on and in a miniature Grandfather clock
09560/154     "North Pole 911" - Mouse dressed in fireman's outfit holding hammer ready to break glass on firebox with Candy cane inside
02516/154     Wish List - Mouse sitting at wooden desk making up his Santa wish list
02516/154     Open & Shut Holiday - Miniature Filing Cabinet with 2 mice inside a drawer celebrating the holiday
02516/154     Dear Santa Mouse - Two mice using an ink fountain to write to Santa
02522/105     The Grand Theater - Nostalgic Shop Series - Dated 2003
02523/105     The Church Choir - Full interior with seats and people  - Dated 2003
02516/105     Father Christmas with Doves & Laurel Wreath - Dated 2004
09401/154     Marilyn Monroe - Shown in a Pink Satin Dress - FIRST in the series!
07095/154     Scarlet O'Hara - from 1939 film "Gone With The Wind" - RARE FIRST in the Series!!
09462/154     Sweet Tooth Treats - Porcelain Bear Cookie Jar with 3 miniature porcelain cookies inside - FIRST in the series and VERY cute!!
09465/154     Bringing Home the Tree - Miniature Snow Globe with winter scene from "Winter Wonderland" series - FIRST in the series!!
09469/154     Russian Kolyada Christmas Visitor from the Christmas visitors series
09471/154     Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation

09491/154     Romulan Warbird with light - Star Trek: The Next Generation

07217/235     Padme Amidala from STAR WARS: Attack of the Cloans

09505/154     Frosty Friends - Eskimo & Fox decorating Snowy Christmas Tree

09571/154     Frosty Friends - Eskimo & Fox on an Iceboat on the ice
09504/154     Baby's First Christmas - Toy Trainengine with Baby Bear sleeping inside
09503/154     Woodstock on Snoopy's Doghouse - Base item for Peanuts Series - FIRST in the series!!
09500/154     Kitty's Catamaran - Cat on a small sailboat
09496/154     Rock Candy Miner - Bear with mine car full of Rock Candy - Tree light illuminating capability.
09513/154     Cool Friends - Glass globe with snow man & woman inside with Christmas tree and snowflakes all around
09550/154     Heavenly Carols - Angel Children  singing from music book in front of a street lamp. Lamp can be illuminated with a standard tree light set!!
09552/154     A Pony For Christmas - Small Teddy riding on back of a Pony standing on a skate board.
09556/154     Stargazer Shepherd - Small Shepherd & Sheep staring at shiny star in the distance overhead
09557/154     Pat The Bunny - Miniature open up book with Furry Bunny inside - A copy of a vintage childrens book design
09559/154     Peter Pan - 5 piece set of bears & Pirate ship adapted from the classic play Peter Pan by James M. Barrie
09561/154     "Our Christmas Together" - Beautiful Porcelain ornament showing a man & woman skating on a pond in a wintery background setting
09562/154     Biking Buddies - Boy riding a tricycle with puppy in basket
09568/154     Joyous Angel - Hallmark Archives "Memories of Christmas" series
09569/154     Gentle Angel - Hallmark Archives "Memories of Christmas" series
09570/154     Neighborhood Drugstore - 11th in the Nostalgic Houses & Shops Series
09573/154     "Creative Cutter" - Elf using special cookie cutter shoes to make holiday cookies
09574/154     Popeye - Famous Cartoon Character holding can of spinich
09575/154     Vacation 2001 - Photo holder ornament shaped like a miniature camera
09576/154     Olympic Triumph - 1996 Olympic Games Olympian Statue
09579/154     Angelic Visitation - Beautiful rendition of piece depicting the angel of God dressed in White & Gold
09460/154     Cool Sport - "Coca Cola Polar Bear on snow sled
09584/154     Tobin Fraley Carousel Horse Series - #rd in the series, Porcelain Horse mounted to a Brass base & pole - Beautiful design work!
09592/154     "Sally" - Peanuts Character writing out her list to Santa Claus
09617/154     "Lucy" - Peanuts Character holding football for Charlie Brown to kick
09595/154     Ready Reindeer - Large very detailed and colorful reindeer measuring approx. 6 inches in size. Very beautiful piece!
09597/154     Grandmother's House & Covered Bridge - Miniature building structures from the Town & Country series.
09599/154     "Deer Creek Cottage" - Thomas Kinkade Replica art painting - Beautiful scene!!
02516/154     Old-World Silver Collection - Silver plated ornament "Silver Bows"(1)
02516/154     Old-World Silver Collection - Silver plated ornament "Silver Snowflakes"(2)
02516/154     Old-World Silver Collection - Silver Plated ornament "Silver Poinsettia"(1)
02516/154     Old-World Silver Collection - Silver Plated ornament "Silver Bells"(2)
02516/154     The Snowmen Of Mitford - Set of 3 Snowmen ornaments(1)
02516/154     The Nutcracker Ballet - Ornament & Display stand - 9 inches tall shelving unit (Available with and without a miniature Ballerina)(2)
02516/154     New Home - Miniature Acron made into a small house by it's occupant, a tiny Squirrel
02516/154     Mistletoe Miss - Cute girl figure wearing pair of ice skates ready for the ice. 2nd in the series!
02516/154     Eager For Christmas - Miniature Chipmonk near a Christmas tree with a tiny bird at the very top
02516/154     Snow Belles - Porcelain set of 3 hanging Snowmen made into ringing bells dressed in Red & Green outfits
02516/154     Norman Rockwell - Portraits in Bisque Collection - Jolly Postman (White porcelain with Red ribbon)
02516/154     Balthasar - from the Magi Bells collection - Porcelain Bell
02516/154     Turn-of-the-Century Parade - Antique Uncle Sam tricycle ornament
02516/154     A Celebration Of Angels - African American Kwanzaa angel - 3rd in the series!
02516/154     Winter Angel - Memories of Christmas - from the Hallmark Archives - Angel made of stylish chalkwear & nostalgic fabric
02516/154     Our First Christmas Together - 2 woodlands creatures riding in a sled made of Brass
02516/154     Our First Christmas Together - 2 Foxes sitting on a log in the snow sharing the holiday
02516/154     "Daughter" - Wood carving styled Snowman with "Daughter" ribbon
02516/154     Dudley The Dragon - Popular children's TV series character as he might appear helping Santa
02516/154     Threadbear - Stuffed Bear made from spool of thread with thimle as a hat
02516/154     Back To School Photo Holder - Backpack trimmed with Christmas decorations with place to display small photo
02516/154     Veggie Tales - Santa Too Round For The Chimney - Bob the Tomato trying to get down the Chimney with Cucumber as a reindeer watching
02516/154     New Millennium Baby - Beautiful Crystal like swan with baby sleeping on top
02516/154     Small fox hugging a Polar Bear
02516/154     Jesus And Friends - Baby Jesus surrounded by Lambs, pony & bird under the North Star in a ground of hay. Ornament is made to insert existing Christmas light bulb to illuminate it's background!
02516/154     Holiday favorites Collection - Joyful Lamb - Antique styled porcelain piece(2)
02516/154     Holiday favorites Collection - Gentle Fawn - Antique styled porcelain piece(1)
02516/154     Baby's First Christmas 1997 - Baby Sleeping in Heart design
02516/154     Heavenly Song - Stained glass looking acrylic angel with Gold trim
02516/154     Away To The Window - Collector's Club series piece based on "The Night Before Christmas" as this character peering out his window, sees Santa & his sleigh
02516/154     The Language Of Flowers - Pansy Angel - From the SHOWCASE collector's series
02516/154     Joyful Angels - 3rd in the Series
02516/154     Snowdrop Angel - The Language Of Flowers - 2nd in the series

02516/154     Folk Art Americana Collection - "Catching 40 Winks" - Elf asleep atop a carved lamb with gifts surrounding him

02516/235     Fancy Footwork - Snowball & Tuxedo, a Polar bear & Penguin dancing with ice skates - 4th in the series

Special Pieces
09490/154     Feliz Navidad - Small children dance around a Sombrero swinging at a small bell shaped pinata as they go by. MOTION & MUSIC!
09492/154     Tiny Mouse standing on miniature hand held telephone with Battery operated recording message capability - VERY neat allowing you to leave a personalized message for the holiday.
09501/154     Miniature Soldier Band wind up music box plays "TOYLAND" inside a small treasure chest
09514/154     "A Time To Believe" - This ornament features WIND UP MOTION children and they're dog looking through the bedroom window at the magic of Santa's sleigh flying through the sky. The boys head turns to look while the dog's tail wags. VERY neat piece!
09553/154     "My First Hot Wheels" - Miniature cars go around a loop track. Piece includes Light & Motion!!
09555/154     "A Joyful Noise" - Angel plays on harp "JOY TO THE WORLD" Actual music is heard!! Batteries included.
09577/154     Peekaboo Pup - Magic Motion electrically automated - Puppy pops out of basket - VERY unique!
09578/154     "Our First Christmas Together" - Dated 1991 showing 3 Swans, one holding a pair of tiny Bears, the others with gifts as they circle around thorugh a tunnel of love with fancy Christmas bulb lights flashing. LIGHT & MOTION!!
09580/154     Friends Share Fun - 2 Squirrels roasting chestnuts over an actual WORKING FLICKERING FIRE out in the snow. VERY cute magic light effect!!
09588/154     Santa's Diner - VERY cool LIGHTED miniature Diner with Santa at the front door. Interior lights up showing details inside!!
09589/154     A Year To Remember - 2002 - Miniature open up book that holds up to 4 photos and also records up to 4 messages, one for each photo!!
09591/154     Baby's First Christmas - 2 little tree dwelling animals watching over they're baby in a tree log - Lights up and plays "Rock-A-Bye Baby"!!
09593/154     Teetering Toddler - Small boy standing on cushion trying to stack toy blocks one on top of another. Press the button underneath to make the blocks tumble to the ground!!
09596/154     Country Church - Beautifully made miniature church with candlelight glow through nicely made stainglass windows - LIGHT INCLUDED!!
02156/154     Baby's First Christmas - Baby Bottle shaped ornament with Mother & baby Mouse inside - Lights up & plays "Rock-a-bye-Baby"!
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