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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Condition on items here is NEW for the most part.

Other Description Information: VEHICLES: The list below contains a selection of civilian type vehicles in scales around the 1/43 range that will work well for O Gauge. Please check out the 1/43rd SCALE DIECAST page for additional vehicles in categories like Racing, Exotic & Foreign. OR, if you are looking for even MORE vehicles from the early 1900's through the 50's then check out the large selection of vintage models on the "YESTERYEAR" Matchbox page. You may find something you like there too. :).

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09542/035                   1931 Cadillac Police car(3,000)
00907/078                   1932 Ford Roadster(Eligor)(Red)
02394/078                   1933 Ford Pickup Bache'(Eligor) "Watney's"(Green & Black)
02392/078                   1934 Ford Camionette(Eligor)"Ford Service"(Dark Blue)
02418/078                   1934 Ford Tanker(Eligor)"Milk Maid"(White & Blue)
00904/078                   1934 Ford Camionette(Eligor) "His Master's Voice-RCA"(Light Brown)
00905/078                   1934 Ford Tanker(Eligor) "La Vache Qui Rat"(Pale Yellow)
00906/078                   1934 Ford Tanker(Eligor) "Castrol"(Dark Green)
00912/078                   1934 Ford Police Paddy Wagon(Eligor)(Dark Blue)
00914/078                   1934 Ford Camionette(Eligor) "Guiness"(Dark Blue)
09539/049                   1948 Tucker Torpedo(Burgandy)
09538/035                   1948 Chrysler Windsor(3,000 made)
09540/000-035            1950 Volkswagon Beetle
09824/042                   1950 Chevy Pompier Fire Department Car(Red)
00921/078                   1950 Cadillac Type 62 Coupe(Vitesse)(Gold Pearl)
09825/042                   1957 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible(Black)
00918/078                   1957 Chevy Nomad Wagon(Vitesse)(Turquoise & Ivory)
09438/069                   1958 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible(Black w/Ivory Interior)
00919/078                   1959 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible w/Movie star in seat(Vitesse)(Black)
00920/078                   1959 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe(Vitesse)(Mint Green)
10142/047-049-078     1959 Jaguar Mark II(Cream)
00915/078                   1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible(Red)
10002/047                   1980s Mercedes Benz G Wagon SWB(Black)
10099/047                   1980s Mercedes Benz G Wagon LWB(Metallic Red)
10100/047                   1980s Mercedes Benz G Wagon LWB(Black)
10001/047                   1980s Mercedes Benz G Wagon LWB(Silver)
10152/047                   1994 Mustang Mach III(Black)
10151/047-049            1994 Mustang Mach III(Yellow)
10130/047                   1995 Ford Scorpio Saloon(Black Metallic)
10138/047-049            1998 Mercedes S Class(Dark Gray Pearl)
02272/000                   1999 Renault Laguna Break PH.II(Dark Gray Pearl)
10140/047                   1999 Jaguar S-Type(Pearl)
10141/047-049            1999 Jaguar S-Type(Silver-Blue)
02267/041                   1999 New VW Beetle w/Display(Buyer & salesman)(Yellow)
10139/047-049            2000 Ford Thunderbird Show Car(Removable roof)(Yellow)
00758/073                   2000 Ford Crown Victoria New York City Taxi Cab(Yellow)
10134/047                   Mercedes Benz CLK Cabrio(Green Metallic)
10103/047                   Range Rover 4.6 HSC(Silver)

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00077/086                  Circus Band Wagon - Plastic Kit(NEW) 2 available
00077/086                  Circus Calliope - Plastic Kit(NEW)
00077/086                  Circus Lion Cage - Plastic Kit(NEW) 2 available
00077/086                  Circus '30' Seat Wagon - Wooden Kit(NEW)
00077/086                  Circus 16' Lion Cage Wagon - Wooden Kit(NEW)
00077/086                  Circus Giraffe Parade Wagon - Wooden Kit(NEW)
00077/086                  Circus Cookhouse Water/Equipment Wagon - Wooden Kit(NEW)
00077/086                  Circus Baggage Wagon - Plastic Kit(NEW)
00077/086                  Circus Band Wagon - Plastic Kit(NEW) 2 available

SKU:                      Description:
00099/131                  Lionel 1955 era Caboose 6257 - Red - with Box Good condition

00099/131                  Lionel 1955 era Automatic Lumber Car 3461X - Black - with Box Good condition physical & operational, missing a few stakes.

00099/145                  Lionel Tanker Car(Vintage Lionel Lines) Orange
00099/145                  Lionel Lines Tender(Vintage, no whistle)Black
06680/145                  Marx Caboose(Vintage 1950s - Excellent shape)AT & SF - Red
06680/145                  Marx Commodore Vanderbilt Locomotive - No Tender(Not running)Black
00063/000                  Industrial Rail - Hopper w/Load - Reading(NEW in box)

The following are vintage kits either un-built or partially built. Some may have a few incomplete parts. They are individually described, but if you need further details, please ask as these are sold AS IS.
SKU:                      Description:
00063/171                  40' Refeer Box Car "Pacific Fruit Express"(Partially built Wood & Metal Kit by All Nation. Includes Trucks, fully painted)

00063/171                  Refrigerator Box Car "M.D.T. New York Central"(Unbuilt Wood & Metal Kit by Athearn. No Trucks.)

00063/171                  50' Auto Box Car "Great Northern" decals included. Car is RED(Partially Built Wood & Metal kit by Athearn. Trucks included)(2)

00063/171                  Airslide Hopper Undecorated(Unbuilt Plastic Kit by American Standard) Plastic parts only, no trucks.

00063/171                  Gondola "Railgon" but no decals included. No trucks(Unbuilt plastic Kit for parts by American Standard)

00063/171                  Box Car "MacMillan Bloedel" decals included(Well done built up  unpaintedWood & Metal Kit by All Nation)

00063/171                  Covered Hopper(Unbuilt Brass Parts only Kit by Locomotive Workshop)No trucks
00063/171                  Reefer Box Car "Illinois Central"(Unbuilt Kit, Metal parts only. Trucks included)

00063/171                  50' Auto Box Car(Partially built up Wood & Metal Kit by Athearn, missing some door hardware. Trucks included)

00063/171                  50' Plug Door Box Car(Built up Plastic Kit by US Hobbies Inc.) Includes trucks & CP Rail decals.

00063/171                  Reefer Box Car "Northern Pacific"(Partially built Wood & Metal Kit by Athearn, includes trucks)

00063/171                  40' Steel Box Car "Erie Lackawanna"(Partially built Wood & Metal Kit by All Nation including trucks)

00063/171                  40' Box Car "Chesapeake & Ohio"(Partially built Wood & Metal kit by All Nation including trucks)

00063/171                  45' Depressed Center Flat Car "CP Rail" decals included(Unbuilt partially complete Kit by All Nation) - Solid Metal construction, trucks included

00063/171                  50' Auto Box Car "Green undecorated"(Built up Wood & Metal Kit by Athearn - including trucks)

00063/171                  Box Car "Ontario Northland"(Built up Wood & Metal Kit, made very well)

00063/171                  Trailer TrainFlat Car with Materials Load "Gold Bond Building Products"(Built up Wood Kit, Well built & painted by B C Models)

00063/171                  Covered Hopper(Unbuilt BRASS Kit by Locomotive Workshop, Metal parts only, no trucks)

00063/171                  1937 A.A.R. 40' Box Car "Erie Lackawanna"(Partially built up all Plastic Kit by InterMountain Railway Co.)Includes trucks
00063/171                  60' Smootside Diner Car (Unbuilt Wood & Metal Kit, No decals or trucks made by B C Models)

00063/171                  Pullman Car w/Interior "Canadian National" decals included(Partially built up Kit by B C Models, including trucks)

00063/171                  Stream Lined Coach Car(Unbuilt Wood & Metal Kit by Walthers) Trucks not included
00063/171                  Tavern Passenger Car(Unbuilt Wood & Metal Kit by Walthers) Trucks not included

00063/171                  80' Stream Lined Coach Car. Includes decals enough for 7 different major road names(Partially built up Metal & Wood Kit by Walthers)

00064/171                  GP-39 Diesel Locomotive (Unbuilt Brass Parts Kit by Locomotive Workshop)No wheels

00064/171                  F-9 Diesel Locomotive Dummy "Burlington Northern"(Complete & New in the Box)

00064/171                  Alco 424 Diesel Locomotive(Unbuilt BRASS Kit by Locomotive Workshop, unpainted missing some parts)

SKU:                      Description:
00081/131                  Lionel Straight & Curve rack lots(10 pieces of each, 20 total)Rust needs cleaning(Heavy track type for mounting to trestles)

00081/131                  Lionel UCS Remote Control Track set with switches in Box - Good condition, wires & some bulbs need to be replaced(3 available)

06681/145                  Marx Powerpack with complete track layout and Remote switches -
Old 1950s set in very good condition. More than 75 pieces of track including a criss cross!!

SKU:                      Description:
00085/131                  Lionel Used Elevated Trestle lots(11 pieces, 2 lots available)
00100/145                  Lionel Type S 80 Watt Transformer(Good working order)
06681/145                  Marx Circuit Breaker unit(1950s) Working & in excellent condition