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(New & Used as described)
00403/062     Passenger Coach "Baltimore & Ohio" #5489(Bachmann-NEW)
00404/062     Passenger Coach "Baltimore & Ohio" #5482(Bachmann-NEW)
00405/062     Passenger Coach "Union Pacific" #1086(Bachmann-NEW)
00407/062     Passenger Coach "Union Pacific" #1114(Bachmann-NEW)
00408/062     Passenger Diner "Union Pacific" #4051(Bachmann-NEW)
00409/062     Passenger Coach "Union Pacific" #1128(Bachmann-NEW)
00410/062     Passenger Observation "Union Pacific" #1505(Bachmann-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car-Lighted "Amtrak"(Bachmann-NEW)2 variations
00059/077     Passenger Car "Amtrak" (Bachmann-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car "Erie"(Hand Painted)(Lighted-needs repair)-(Atlas Peeling paint)
00059/077     Passenger Car "Penn Central"(Kaydee Couplers)(Atlas-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car-Heavyweight "Pennsylvania"(Lima-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car-Lighted "Pennsylvania"(Atlas-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car-Dining "Santa Fe" (Atlas-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car "Santa Fe" (Lima-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car "Santa Fe-Pine Beach"(Concor-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car-Smoothside "Santa Fe"(Kaydee Couplers)-(Concor-NEW)
00059/077     Passenger Car-Vista Dome "Santa Fe"(Rowa-NEW)
00059/088     Passenger Car-Observation "Pennsylvania" & Gondola "ATSF"(Used)
00059/122     Old Style Passenger Coach "CN" (NEW)
00059/122     Observation Car "Union Pacific" (Rivarossi-NEW)
00059/122     Observation Car "Union Pacific" Illuminated(Atlas-NEW)
00059/122     Baggage Car "Union Pacific" Illuminated(Atlas-NEW)
00059/122     Tail Car "Pennsylvania" Illuminated(Atlas-Near New)
00059/122     Stream Liner Coach - "Santa Fe"(2 available)(Excellent condition)
00059/122     Stream Liner Tail Car - "Santa Fe"(Excellent condition)
00059/125     Observation Car-Lighted - "Penn Central"(Excelent condition)
00059/128     Stream Liner Tail Car - "Santa Fe"(Very good condition in need of a coupler)
00059/132     Pullman Car - Pennsylvania "Huron Rapids"(Illuminated - Near Mint)
00059/132     Observation Car - Pennsylvania "Mountain View"(Illuminated - Near Mint)
00059/168     Modern Baggage Dormitory car - "Penn Central" ILLUMINATED - PLUS another Standard Coach car missing couplers "Penn Central"(Used condition)
00059/000     Observation Car "Genesee River" Illuminated ATLAS(NEW old stock)