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123 Studio Toybox Collectibles
Christmas Holiday Gifts
Welcome to 123 Studio Toybox Collectible's
Browse the list below to see great gift ideas for our favorite holiday of the year!! Condition on items listed are New in boxes for the most part. You are welcome to request prices, photos, ask questions or place orders by sending us an Email
00140/154     Crystal Glass "Baby's First Christmas" Glass ornement
05048/000     "Santa's Toy Bag" (Porcelain Ornament of Santa Claus with bag of Toys)
Sizes from 2 to 4 inches
02443/130     Sweet Mr. Snowman(Mini snowman with Hershey's Kiss hat on top - 1993)
02443/130     Beary Sweet Treat(Frosty looking Bear sits in Basket of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream - 1993)  
01060/130     "Snack For The Road" - Pizza Hut promotional Ornament with boy making out card to Santa and a gift of a Pizza - 1993
01061/130     "Advance To Go" - Monopoly Token Brass Game piece ornament - 1993
01062/130     "All You Add Is Love" - Puppy Chow promotional ornament - 1993
06549/130     "Sporty Snowman" - Miniature Snowman ornament made up of a Golf Ball, Tennis Ball & Baseball - 1992
Sizes APPROX. 3 to 4 inches
00140/208     Campbell's Soup Kids and Puppy fast asleep inside their soup bowl bed highly detailed with decorations - stockings, lights etc. - 1986 Collector's Edition

00140/208     Campbell's Soup Kids riding on their home made soup box sled hauling a stocking fiull of gifts. - 1996 Collector's Edition                                                                                           00140/208     Campbell's Soup Kid Jack In The Box popping out of a soup can wiuth a gift in hand - 2002 Collector's Edition                                                                                                        00140/208     Campbell's Soup Kids riding their St. Bernard Dog wearing Reindeer antlers and who has a can of soup for his first aid kit around his neck. VERY cute! (2)



00140/235a     Collector Bell - "The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter" 24K Gold trim / 6.25" high - New in Box

00140/235b     Collector Bell - "Checking His List"(Santa) 24K Gold trim / 6.25" high - New in Box



 Angel With Flute
Dr. Sugar's House
End Of My Rainbow
Girl with Toy Soldier
God's Precious Gift(Mini Manger)
Good Friends Are For Always
Grandfather(Mini figure, no hanger)
Have A Heavenly Christmas(Boy flying an Airplane)
He Cleansed My Soul(Girl in mini bubble bathtub)
He Covers The Earth With His Beauty(Girl with butterfly)
Hippo Holidays(Hippopotomus)
Im Nuts About You(Squirrel)
Girl With Mistletoe
Joy To The World(Angel with horn)
July Birthstone Angel
Lord Keep Me On My Toes(Ballerina)
Lot of 4 including Easter Seals and Christmas Ball
Love One Another(Boy & Girl)
Love Rescued Me(Boy dressed as fireman with puppy)
Onward Christmas(Boy dressed as toy soldier)
Peace On Earth(Boy Angel with little chalkboard)
Skating's Ruff(Puppy in Ice skate)
Sweetie Pie(Girl offering mini pie)
Teacher(Little figure holding report card)
Touched So Many Hearts(Girl holding string of hearts that spell NOEL)
We also carry a large selection of regular and larger sized PRECIOUS MOMENTS FIGURINES. Please feel free to click over to see the list that includes figurines for most holidays including Christmas. :)
03096/130     "Hollywood Marilyn" - Marlyn Monroe sitting in a director's chair with a notebook, playing with her hair(4 inches) - 1999
03755/130     "Niagara Falls For Marilyn" - Marilyn Monroe standing in front of Niagara Falls background in 3-D to give impression of movement(5 inches) - 2005
Village buildings & accessories
01090/140     "Country Harvest" Snow Village figurines set(MINT in Box)
01091/140     "Come Join the Parade" Snow Village girls with parade banner set(MINT in Box)
00101/000      "Bowling Alley" Snow Village(MINT in Box)
07194/000     "City Clockworks" Hertitage Village "Christmas In The City" Series building)(MINT in Box)
00102/000     "Automobiles" Set of 3 - Heritage Village Series including Delivery Van, Taxi & Limousine(Mint in Box)
00102/000     Red Volkswagen with Christmas Tree on top - Snow Village Accessory(Mint no box)
00102/000     Yellow Taxi - Snow Village Accessory(Mint no Box)
07195/000     Hot Dog Vendor - Heritage Village accessory - Hot Dog Vender with Wagon , Mother & Child buying Hotdog(Mint in Box)
09641/154     "Going To The Chapel" - Snow Village Accessory - Priest & Family of 3 people(Mint in Box)
05498/000     "Grand Creamery" - Seasons's Bay Series - (Mint in Box)

05499/000     "Grandview Shores Hotel" - Season's Bay Series - (Mint in Box-LARGE piece)

00101/000      "Glass Ornament Works" North Pole Series(MINT in Box)
00101/000      "Tin Soldier Shop" North Pole Series(MINT in Box)

00101/243a     "5607 Park Avenue Townhouse" Christmas in the City-Heritage Village Collection(Nt Mnt Boxed)

00101/243b     "Variety Store & Barber Shop" Christmas in the City-Heritage Village Collection(Nr Mnt in Box)

00101/243c     "Potter's Tea Seller" Christmas in the City-Heritage Village Collection(Near Mint in Box)

00101/243d     "Boarding House" New England Village-Heritage Village Collection(Near Mint in Box)

00101/243e     "Ritz Hotel" Christmas in the City-Heritage Village Collection(Near Mint No Box)

00101/243f      "Scottie's Toy Shop" Christmas in the City-Heritage Village Collection(Near Mint No Box)

Snow Babies Collection
Also visit the Novelty & Holiday Gifts page for Snowbunnies!
07202A/162     "Overnight Delivery" Bisque ornament - Baby presenting a gift box
07202B/162     "A Halloween Friend"2" baby with Pumpkin candle holder with tea light
07202C/162     "I Love Mom" 2" inch baby holding I Love Mom banner over his head
07202D/162     "To The Rescue"2"  Baby waering firemen's hat holding fire hose with pail of water
07202E/162     "Angelic Wishes" 2" Mini Baby with Gold wings lying down pondering
07202F/162     "Angelic Wishes" 2" Mini Baby with Gold wings sitting & pondering
07202G/162     "Starshine" 2" Mini Baby holding a star featuring a "Swarovski" Crystal
07202H/162     "A Smile To Treasure" 2" Mini baby sitting on treasure chest featuring a "Swarovski" March birthstone
07202I/162     "A Gift For You" 2" Mini baby opening a small gift box featuring a "Swarovski" Aquamarine March birthstone inside(2)
07202J/162     "To Protect You" 2" Mini baby wearing a military uniform hat and holding an American flag
07202K/162     "My Heart Shines For You" 2" Mini baby holding a Heart featuring a Red "Swarovski" crystal inside it
07202L/162     "A Wish For Snow" 3" Baby holding Waterglobe with Penguin inside
07202M/162    Snowbaby ornament 3.5" Baby holding stocking with gifts
07202N/162     "First Star Jinglebaby" 3.5" Bisque Ornement baby rattle bell style holding a large star
07202O/162     "Little Drummer Jinglebaby"3.5"  Bisque Ornament baby rattle bell style plaing drum
07202P/162     "Give Someone A Hug" 2.25" 2 mini snowbabies hugging
07202Q/162     "Holiday Drummer" Ornament 2" mini baby plaing Gold drum
07202R/162     "Six Gifts For Giving" 2" baby with springy action gift box and juggling smaller gifts - #6 from set of 12
07202S/162     "Sprinkling Stars In The Sky" 3.5" baby Bisque ornament - crawling on large star holding smaller stars on ribbon
07202T/162     "Juggling Stars In The Sky" 2.5" bisque ornament baby sitting on large star while juggling smaller ones over his head
07202U/162     "I'm A Little Teapot" 2.5" tall Bisque hinged teapot box with mounted snowbaby on side
07202V/162     "Three, Four, No Room For One More" Bisque Bootiebaby Ornament - 4.5" baby hanging on to boot with Walrus inside of it
07202W/162     "Sending Hugs To You" 2.5" Bisque Hinged Box with 2 Mini babies sitting on top hugging
07202X/162     "I'm Making Snowballs" 3.5" baby making large snowball
07202Y/162     "Hold On Tight" 3.5" baby on Sled(2)
07202Z/162     "Reach For The Moon" 6" - one baby picking up another so he can reach the moon above
07202AA/162     "There's No Place Like Home" 4" baby wearing snow shoes carrying hobo sack of stars over his shoulder
07202AB/162     "Down The Hill We Go" 4.5" - 2 snowbabies on bobsled
07202AC/162     "I Made This Just For You" 4" Baby presenting Wreath Of Stars
07202AD/162     "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" 3.5" Baby kneeling for prayer  
07202AE/162     "A Special Delivery" 4" baby wearing snow shoes holding small star
07202AF/162     "It's Snowing" 4" baby holding a snowflake in one hand while balancing another on his toe
07202AG/162     "So Much Work To Do" 4" baby shoveling stars in the snow
07202AH/162     "Where Did He Go?" 4X6" - 2 babies with penguin wondering what happened to the melted snowman they made
07202AI/162      "Baby's First Smile" 7" tall oval PICTURE FRAME suitable for 3 .5" photo featuring baby mounted on top & Penguin on the frame's base
07202AJ/162     "It's A Gtand Old Flag" 4" baby on base with Penguin holding your choise of an American or Snowbabies Flag07202A/162    
07202AK/162     "When The Bough Breaks" 6X6" figurine featuring snowbaby swinging between 2 large snow trees
07202AL/162     "Five Part Harmony" Large 7.5 X 5" figurine eaturing 4 babies & a Dog singing together
07202AM/162     "How Many Days Til Christmas?" 5.5 X 5.5" figurine featuring 2 snow babies sitting on a snow pile with a bobsled sticking out of the snow with 2 stockings hanging from it
07202AN/162     "Thank You" 5 X 5.5" figurine featuring 2 snowbabies under a tree with candles, one giving a gift to the other
07202AO/162     "JOY" Set of 3 individual Bisque ornaments featuring 3.5" babies each hanging onto the letters J, O & Y
07202AP/162      "Pennies From Heaven" 5"H X 4"L X 3"D BANK in the shape of a story book featuring a snowbaby embossed on the cover clinging to a moon with the term "Snowbabies" on the cover & Binder. Coin slot in top with opening at bottom for emptying coins from bank.
07202AQ/162      "This Will Cheer You Up" 4.5 X 4" - One snowbaby giving the other a small star to cheer him up
07202AR/162      "I'll Put Up The Tree" 4X4" figurine featuring snowbaby putting up a Christmas Tree
07202AS/162      "Crossing Starry Skies"  7X4" figurine featuring Snowbaby in a kayak type canoe paddling through a sea of stars
07202AT/162      "Wait For Me" 10 X 5" figurine featuring Penguins trying to catch up to a snowbaby briskly pushing a sled with gifts & stars through the snow
07202AU/162      "I Can Touch My Toes" Set of 2 - 3" babies doing toe touching exercises
07202AV/162      "All We Need Is Love" 5X5" figurine featuring 2 Penguins surrounding a snowbaby hugging a snowman
07202AW/162     "Let's All Chim In" 2 figurine set featuring one 3.5 X 4.5" figurine with 2 snowbabies mounted to one base & another 4.5" tall snowbaby all ringing hand held bells
07202AX/162      "Two Little Babies On The Go" 4X6" figurine featuring 2 snowbabies sitting on Metal snow sled(Worn Box without styrofoam, figure is mint)
07202AY/162      "Limited Edition - 1992 piece" Featuring 2 Snowbabies playing with Polar Bear & Penguin Mounted to block of ice base - 1 of 18,500 made(Worn box, figure mint)
07202AZ/162      "Pop Goes The Snowman" 4" Snowbaby wearing Jester's hat playing with Jack-in-the-box snowman
07202BA/162      "Winter Play On A Snowy Day" Set of 4 pieces featuring 5 Snow Babies playing in the snow - all measuring 4.5" tall
07202BB/162      "And That Spells Baby" 4 piece set featuring 4 to 5" Snowbabies holding one of each of the letters of the word BABY
07202BC/162     "The Littlest Angel" 5.5" Snowbaby with Halo standing on block that's inscription reads "The Littlest Angel"
07202BD/162     "Snowbaby Waterglobe Music Box - 6.5X6" Waterglobe featuring Snowbaby inside with Penguin outside - Song featured is "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" (Used but in excellent condition with box)
07202BE/162      "Are All These Mine" 3.5 inches tall Snowbaby holding stocking stuffed with stars(Mint in Box)