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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Condition on items here vary greatly.

Other Information: For information about Testors hobby paint from the Standard, Master & Boyd Series of both jars and spray cans, please send us an Email with your needs, as we have a large inventory currently available with a rainbow of colors to choose from. We also carry a set of 15 hobby paint brushes in assorted sizes good for all uses.

SKU:          Description:
07182/072      Sea Quest DSV Submarine(TV Series) Model Kit

01019/000      Alaska Marine Ferry Cruise Ship(1967 Plastic promo w/Battery Operated prop-VERY RARE)(Mint in Box)

01724/000      "Titanic" Luxury Liner(1/570 Scale, Mint Model kit-Unbuilt)
04601/000      "U.S.S. Bunker Hill"(1/350 Scale model kit-Unbuilt)
00987/128      "Soryu" Japanese Aircraft Carrier(Slightly built, generally unbuilt) 1/700
01003/128      "Ise" Aircraft Battleship (New) 1/700
01004/128      "Kaga" Aircraft Carrier (New) 1/700
01005/128      "Akagi" Aircraft Carrier (New) 1/700

01048/128      LST US Navy Landing Ship Tank(Lindberg)(Motor not included, lightly painted but unbuilt & complete) 1/245

01089/000      USS Constitution "Old Iron sides" 3 Masted Frigate)Unbuilt in Box - 15 inches long
00052/000      Japanese Imperial Navy 2 Man Submarine(Pearl Harbor)(Vac-form kit NEW) 1/72
07101/148      USS New Jersey Battleship (NEW - Motorized!!) 30cm in length(Kitech)4
07108/148      USS Missouri Battleship (NEW - Motorized!!)  30cm in length(Kitech)2
07109/148      USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier (NEW - Motorized!!) 1/800(Kitech)
09614/000      USS Arizona US Battleship (RARE Revell kit - unbuilt in open box)

09671/000      Queen Mary Luxury Liner - RARE 1971 Revell Kit(Unbuilt, missing flags in original box)Approx. 20 inches in length

07221/000      USS Missouri "Mighty Mo" Battleship by Revell(20" long)Missing manuel in original box

01089/000      USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" Warship by Revell(16" long)Partially built & painted but not too bad, still a decent builder. Sails are untouched, Cannons are glued to deck, side were painted

06861/221      Edmund Fitzgerald Ore Container ship(Hand made of wood construction with metal railings) Measures approx 17 inches long(Good for use with N Scale train layouts, Great Lakes memorabilia, Ship wreck collectibles or for a wood model collector)

06862/221      CSS Virginia Merrimack 1862 Warship(Resin built highly detailed ship model measuring approx 24 inches in length) - ALSO AVAILABLE-Shipwreck version for use with Fishtanks!!

06863/221      USS Monitor 1862 Warship (Resin built highly detailed ship model measuring approx 15.5 inches in length) - ALSO AVAILABLE-Shipwreck version for use with Fishtanks!!

04796/141      We have an interesting selection of Japanese as well as other Battleships from the World War II era, all of which were built up plastic kits but made with great care. Scale around 1/700 and not painted for the most part.  Most pieces carry no markings so you will need to figure out exactly what ships they are, but there should be some experts out there that will know. ;) Please ask for more details or some photos.

Built up Model Kits:
SKU:          Description:
00052/059      "Kirishima" Japanese Battleship(Approx. length 12")
00052/059      "Zuikaku" Japanese Aircraft Carrier(Approx. length 12")
00052/110      "SS United States" Ocean Liner(Length Approx. 20")

Built up Diecast Models:
SKU:          Description:
04801/141      Carnival Cruise Ocean Liner Ship in Case. A beautifully done very well detailed model of the most popular cruise line in the World!

Precision made Banks by Ertl:
07080/153      2000 year release(Series 1) 1967 Jakobson built Firechief Tugboat(Approx.1 foot long)