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N Scale Freight Cars (USED)

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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Excellent condition or as described.

Other Description Information: If you need more details on any specific item listed below, you are welcome to EMAIL us.

SKU:         Description:  (Excellent condition or as described)
00059/122     Gondola "Baltimore-Maryland" - (Used-excellent shape)
00059/122     Flat Car with steel rolls load "ATSF" Condition slightly out of shape LIMA
00059/122     Open short Hopper - "D & H" (Used in excellent shape)
00059/122     Open Hopper - "Peabody"(Used in excellent shape)
00059/122     Long Box Car - "Union Pacific"(Used in excellent shape)
00059/079     Hopper "Peabody" & 3 Dome Tanker "Penn Salt"
00059/079     Freight Box Cars "Hormel" & "Penn Central"
00059/079     Freight Box Cars "M-K-T The Katy" & "Railway Express Agency"
00059/079     Large Hopper Cars ACF "Shippers Car Line" & "Burlington"
00059/079     Caboose "Sante Fe" & Hopper "B & M"
00059/079     Caboose "Penn Central" & Freight Box Car "Kahns"
00059/079     Flat Cars "Great Northern" w/Tank & "ATSF"

00059/079     Flat Car-generic w/Load; Caboose "UP"; Box Car "C & EI" & Hopper "UP"(This lot missing trucks)

00059/079     Flat Car "Great Northern"; Hopper "Peabody"; Cabooses-"ATSF" & B & O"(This Lot missing trucks & parts)

00059/079     Caboose "B & O"; Large Hopper "Hercules" & Small Hopper "Soo Line"(This lot missing trucks)

00059/079     Gondola "Southern"; Caboose "ATSF" & Large Hopper "UP"(This lot missing trucks & parts)

00059/079     Stock Cars "Missouri Pacific" & "The Katy"; Caboose "B & O" & Flat Car "ATSF"(This lot missing trucks)

00059/091     3 Dome Tanker "Mobilgas"(Brown) & Caboose "Santa Fe"(Good Condition)
00059/091     Covered Hopper-Long "PC" & Caboose "AT & SF"(Excellent condition, missing trucks)

00059/091     Refrigerator Car "SafeWay Foods" & Caboose "Great Northern"(Excellent Condition, missing trucks)

00059/125     Caboose-"UP"; Gondola-"Southern Pacific" & Box Car-"Baltimore-Maryland"(3 used car lot-excellent shape)

00059/125     Various vintage "RAPIDO" train cars available. Email for more info.

00059/128     Box Car - "Sentry Canned Foods" & Tanker - "Celanese Chemicals"(2 piece lot - Excellent shape)

00059/128     Flat Car w/sides - "Illinois Central" & 3 Dome Tanker - "Mobil Gas"(2 piece lot - Excellent shape)

00059/128     Box Car - "Santa Fe El Capitan" & 3 Dome Tanker - "Texaco"(2 piece lot in excellent shape)

00059/132     Box Car - "Lehigh Valley"; Box Car - "Pacific Fruit Express"(x2); Flat Car with Generator Load - "Canadian National"(4 piece lot - Ex. condition but 3 out of 4 cars need couplers)

00059/147     Caboose - "Baltimore & Ohio" - Ex. Condition

Train cars from this stock number lot are in moderately used to lightly used and in some cases near new. One or two may be missing a coupler or have very light damage such as a broken ladder or hand rail, but generally they are all very good.
SKU:            Description:  (Excellent condition or as described)
+++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
These are sold in LOTS OF 3 as follows:
     ATSF Caboose; Penn Central Box Car; Penn Central Covered Hopper Car
     New York Central Caboose; TL CX Box Car; Southern Pacific Stock Car
     New Jersey Box Car; MKT Katy Stock Car; Santa Fe Texas Chief Box Car
     Pennsylvabia Caboose; Great Northern Box Car; B & O Gondola
     Shell 3 dome tanker; Santa Fe Caboose; Great Northern Box Car
     Burlington Route Box Car; Old Dutch Cleanser Cudahy Box Car; Santa Fe Caboose
     New Haven Box Car; Chicago,Illinois & Midland Box Car; B & O Caboose
     Lehigh Valley Box Car; D & RGW Rio Grande Box Car; Santa Fe Caboose
     Baltimore & Maryland Box Car; Penn Salt 3 dome tanker; New Haven Box Car
     Santa Fe Stock Car; Burlington Route Box Car; Milwaukee Caboose

LOT OF 2 as follows:
     Southern Pacific Flat Car with load; P & LE New York Central Gondola(Missing couplers)

Train cars in this group are all complete and in very good working order.
SKU:            Description:  (Excellent condition or as described)

00059/169 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
These are sold in LOTS OF 3 AS FOLLOWS:
     Victory 1 Operation Desert Storm Box Cars X2 & Santa Fe Caboose missing wheels
     G set of 3 Box Cars - Maine Central; Boston & Maine and Delaware & Hudson
     Erie Lackawanna Caboose; Atlas Box Car and DF B Loader Box Car
     FMC Caustic Soda Tanker; Southern Pacific Box Car and FGE Solid Gold Box Car
     Baltimore & Ohio Caboose; Metropolitan Insurance Box Car and Alaska RR Box Car
     Western Maryland Caboose; Bev-Bel Corp Hopper w/Load and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Box Car
     New Haven Caboose; Santa Fe Stock Car and Domino Sugar Box Car

     Central Vermont Box Car AND Providence & Worcester Railroad Box Car.