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USED HO Scale Buildings & Structures

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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Items listed here are considered to be in used condition or as stated on the item.

SKU:               Description:
00068/106 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Passenger Station w/Vending Machines
                            Freight Station w/Interior light socket for bulb
                            Signal Tower(Well Made-Yellow & Green)
                            Crown Pickle Works(Very Large Factory)
                            Rockville Building Supply Company
                            2 Story Police Station
                            2 Story Bowling Alley, Restaurant & Barber Shop
                            Trackside Grain Tower
                            Al's General Store
                            Country Church
                            Rockville Passenger Station
                            Machine Factory
                            Grain factory w/Train underpass & dump
                            Old Fashion Theater w/"The African Queen" playing
                            Passenger Station w/2 platform extensions-2
                            Livestock Gate & Fence complex with ramp & train loading platform
                            "Hillside Junction" Signal Tower
                            "Standart Electric" Factory Building
                            Old Time Fire Department building
                            Water Tower-3
                            Coca Cola Refreshment Stand & Lumber Shack(2 Buildings)

00068/108 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Machine Factory
                            Work Shed
                            Ranch House

00068/110 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Coal Mill
                            Diesel Sand Tower
                            Freight Station-Green windows & doors
                            Grovemont Freight Station
                            Machine Factory
                            Old Country Church
                            Old run down Freight Station
                            Passenger Station w/Platform Vers.1
                         Passenger Station w/Platform Vers.2
                            Plasticville Manufacturing Company
                            Rustic Loading Station
                            School, Loading Platform & Small House
                            European Signal Tower
                            Single Stall Engine House
                            Small Brick Factory
                            Small Ranch House
                            Sunnyvale Passenger Station - 2
                            Tank Refinery- factory
                            Tank Refinery Storage - factory
                            Trackside buildings - Sheds w/Tower
                            Trainman's Control Tower
                            Water Tower 1
                            Water Tower 2
                            Workshed & Signal Tower
                            Large Church with pillers in front
                            Oil storage tank on stilts
                            Signal Bridge, switch tower & automobile
                            Speedy Andrew's Auto Repair Shop
                            Factory with loading dock(missing s few windows)

00068/121 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            3 trackside sheds & 2 telephone Poles
                            Sunkist Citrus Fruit Growers Exchange(Scratchbuilt)
                            Coal/Grain Dump Station(Train goes underneath)
                            Single Stall Engine House
                            Passenger Station 1
                            Passenger Station 2
                            Freight Station(Scratchbuilt w/Metal windows & doors)
                            Lumber Yard
                            Lumber Shed
                            Dock Boat House
                            Water Tower
                            Trainman's Control Tower
                            Coal Company Office & Shed
                            Train work shed
                            Southern Oil Company Oil Station
                            Old Shack
                            Shoe Repair & Hat Cleaners with light(Scratchbuilt)
                            Run down store(Scratchbuilt with light, missing rear wall)
                            Small House 1
                            Small House 2
                            Ranch House (Scratchbuilt)
                            Log Cabin
                            Waterwheel House(Wheel is motorized but not working)
                            Loading Station with motorized mover(not working)

00068/122 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Walkbridge cross over
                            Lighted Passenger Station
                            Coal Station(train underpass)
                            Coal Station(train sidepass)
                            Sand Depot
                            Large Factory
                            Small Factory
                            Abandoned brick factory w/Saloon doors
                            2 Houses under construction (2 pieces-Set 1)
                            1 House under construction & 1 complete (2 pieces-Set 2)
                            2 stall Engine House(Scratchbuilt)
                            Single Stall Engine House
                            Sinclair Trackside Factory(Scratchbuilt)
                            Passenger Station
                            Bar & US Marshall's - Western style Building
                            Small Frieght Station
                            Junction Station
                            Large Coal/Grain Station
                            Water Tower 2
                            Water Tower 3(Scratchbuilt)
                            Water Tower w/Train signal bridge(2 pieces)
                            Coal Station(Scratchbuilt)
                            Large Grain or Coal Station(Scratchbuilt, needs repair)
                            Operating Coal/Grain Dump(Train underpass)
                            Signal Tower 1
                            Signal Tower 2
                            Signal Tower w/Trainman's hut(2 pieces)
                            Trackside Freight Station
                            Covered animal pen w/adjoining Hut & Caboose Shed(2 pieces)
                            Train workshed
                            Covered workshed & Windmill w/Hut(2 pieces)
                            Oil Tank ststion w/Hut
                            Workman's trackside Office
                            Oil Tank & Windmill w/Watertank(2 pieces)
                            Trainman's Tower & windmill w/Watertank(2 pieces)

00068/123 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            2 Houses under construction
                            4 small structures including trainman's tower, waiting booths & Log Cabin
                            Well detailed Factory Building - Flat black roof
                            Large size Freight Station
                            Hillside Lumber Millworks
                            Large 2 Stall Engine house
                            Passenger Station
                            Very Large Coal Station
                            Weathered Brick Factory Building

00068/125 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Small factory missing rear wall(scratchbuild piece)
                            Trackside platform & freight station(2 available)
                            Trainman's Tower,Shed & Platform
                            Waiting shed, Garage & 2 small shacks
                            Small Plasticville train station w/platform
                            2 houses under construction
                            Black walkbridge
                            Gray walkbridge
                            Walk & Light Bridge
                            Red train station w/Gray roof
                            Scratchbuilt Yellow freight station
                            Western style Hotel & Saloon
                            Barn w/Silo & shed
                            2 level - 2 stall Fire Department
                            Bedford Lighted Water Tower
                            2 stall Kensington firehouse
                            Brown freight/storage House w/Porch
                            Yellow & Red brick trainmans tower
                            Yellow & gray roof trainman's tower
                            Yellow trainman's tower w/Green stairs
                            Refreshments & hamberger stand
                            Old style 1950s theater
                            Lumberyard w/Office
                            General Store decorated for Chistmas
                            Hays Train station decorated for Christmas
                            Green water Tower w/Gold roof
                            Timberneck Gulch Train statiion
                            Sand Depot station
                            Large Coal Station
                            Large factory "Johnsons" Lumber Co.
                            "Arlee" Freight Station
                            European Freight Station(2 available)
                            Western Style Dresher "Wells Fargo"
                            Large single stall Red brick engine house
                            Large single stall Tan engine house
                            Very Large 2 stall brick engine house
                            Large Blue Factory freight House
                            Brown Trainman's workshed
                            Large L-Shaped "Grusome" Factory
                            Scratchbuilders Lot of plastic parts(walls,windows etc.)15 lots available

00068/132 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Very Large trackside Operating lumber mill including 2 train lumber cars & track. Logs load from the top, go thorugh the mill, fall into train cars and can be dumped into waterway next to track. LIGHTED and fully functional, VERY nice item!
                            2 section Cattle stock pen with cow
                            Large 2 stall engine house - Over 17 inches long!!
                            Large train factory workshop
                            Split level house under construction
                            Al's General Store
                            Hunter's Log Cabin - LIGHTED(Near Mint)(2 available)
                            2 Story Western Style Miner's Hardware Store
                            Roadside Inn Restaraunt
                            Ace Auto & Cycle Repair shop & United Grocery Store-Lighted)
                            Southern Oil Tank Company Station(2 available)
                            Western Style Citizen Bank
                            Water Tower
                            2 story Emporium
                            2 story Pool Palor
                            Lumber Shed
                            Train Work Shed
                            Mo's Farm Farmhouse
                            Train work shed with Water Tower
                            Hillside Lumber & Millwork Company
                            Country Church
                            Freight Station - LIGHTED
                            Large trackside Coal mining station
                            Wheelman's workshop
                            Large Freight Passenger Station - White
                            Large Sykesville Passenger Station
                            Passenger Platform
                            Large 3 stall Engine roundhouse
                            Tall steel trestle Water Tower with US Flag

00068/136 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Hillside Railroad Station
                            Service Station & Trainman's Tower(2 items)
                            Ranch House, Trackside Shed & Water Tower(3 items)
                            Mackenzie Red Schoolhouse & Western Village building(2 items)
                            2 Flat level Ranch Houses(2 items)
                            Paul's Supermarket & Hardware & Pharmacy Stores(2 items)

00068/139 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Large Western Style Railroad Hotel
                            Old Passenger Station
                            Old Church or School
                            Old Freight Station with Ramp
                            Old Stable VINTAGE 1958 Revell
                            House under construction & Garage
                            Old Farmhouse
                            Faller Freight Station
                            Shell Gas Station - OLD
                            Faller Passenger Station
                            Johnson's Lumber Company
                            Large 2 Stall Engine House
                            Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant
                            Old Revell Junction Signal Tower - 1958
                            House under construction
                            Small Ranch House
                            Speedy Andrews Auto Repair Shop
                            Plasticville Train Station
                            Small Freight Station with platforms
                            Worksheds(2 pieces)
                            Large 2 stall Firehouse
                            Large 2 floor Police Station
                            Larvge 2 story Equity Trust Bank
                            Town Hall Building
                            Old Wood shed
                            Lumber Yard Mill
                            L Shaped muli-sectional factory complex
                            Large Police Station
                            2 Floor apartment building with clock tower
                            FALLER 2 floor factory complex
                            Factory with loading dock

00068/147 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Aurtown School - Brick school building
                            EMSWALD Station - Vollmer
                            Country Church
                            Fire Department
                            2 Story house with wooden porch western style
                            3 Houses under construction
                            Large Barn with silo(Silo missing top)
                            Small trackside buildings & platforms(5 pieces)
                            Small Barn
                            Western style Sheriff's Office & Jail
                            Freight Station with Red Barrels
                            Split Level House
                            Stone style Church with minor damage
                            White Ranch House with Brown roof
                            "Ma's Place" Bed & Breakfast type house
                            Speedy Andrew's Automotive Repair shop
                            Freight Station with platform & loading dock(KIBRI)
                            Large Passenger Station(KIBRI)
                            Small Log Cabin
                            2 Floor Brown House with Gray roof
                            Electrically operated loading station with working push vehicle
                            Water Tower
                            Ranch House with light Brown roof & Green roofed Porch
                            Lighted Freight Station
                            Large 2 story Railroad Hotel

                            VERY Large Steel storage building made of metal - Could be used as an engine house or factory(Steel panel style)

                            Little Red Schoolhouse
                            Small Light Green 2 story house
                            Large Passenger Station
                            European Passenger Station - Faller
                            Freight Station - Faller
                            Small Square House - Faller
                            House with Fenced in yard area - Faller
                            Small House with Garden under front bay window
                            2 small buildings and a Greenhouse for plants
                            REA Express National Freight Lines Freight Station
                            Subway Passenger platform
                            Country Church with Gray roof

00068/164 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
                            Large 2 story two stall Fire Department
                            Lighted Church
                            Equitable Trust Bank
                            Railroad Express Co. Freight Station
                            Old Fashioned Passenger Train Station(2)
                            Volmer Large 2 Stall Engine House
                            7-11 Food Store
                            Speedy Andrew's Auto Repair Shop
                            Kentucky Fired Chicken Restaurant
                            Operating Box Trailer Freight Loading Station
                            Kibri Freight Station
                            Yellow Farm House
                            F. C. Rode & Co. Hardware Western style store
                            Country Church
                            Modern Passenger Station with decorative flowers
                            Large Train command center tower
                            Brown Freight Station
                            Vollmer Trackside Brick Warehouse
                            Diesel Sand Depot
                            Split Level House(Near New missing a few parts)
                            Vollmer Track control Station(Crosses over tracks)
                            Trackside Signal Tower
                            Blacksmith Western Style building
                            Vintage 1958 Revell Signal Tower
                            Faller B-184 Passenger Station platform set(Near complete & new)(2)
                            Water Tower #1(Brown)
                            Water Tower #2(Yellow)
                            Water Tower #3(Gray)
                            Water Tower #4 with walk around platform
                            Faller 2 story apartment building (3)
                            Old Shack with Woman hanging clothes outside
                            Small Yellow & Green Split level House
                            Waiting Station with many details including train schedules, phonebooth etc.
                            Small House with Green doors & shutters
                            Small News stand with many details including signs & billboards
                            Riedlingen small Station housewith Brown framing & Gray cinder block base
                            Old Dark Brown wooden workshed
                            Lumber Shed with lumber
                            2 Houses under construction
                            Cattle Pen Train Loading platform
                            Trackside Supply Depot
                            Signal Tower (ILLUMINATED)
                            Santa Fe Tower with working light at top

00068/168        Small Freight Loading Building

00068/172 +++ Use the common SKU number shown to the left and add to item selected from list below:
Scratchbuilt - 3 Stall Metal construction Engine Roundhouse
                            Scratchbuilt - 5 Stall Metal construction Engine Roundhouse
                            Scratchbuilt - Sven Jorgenson & Sons Cabinet Makers - Metal Construction
                            Railroad Express Company Large Brown Station - Tyco
                            Scratchbuilt - Industrial 4 slanted roof section building - Metal construction
                            Large 2 Stall Fire Department Engine House
                            Very Large beautifully built factory building with weathering & landscaping
                            Scratchbuilt - "Grand Junction Box Works" Factory
                            Scratchbuilt - El Ropo Cigar Company
                            Vintage 1958 Revell Train Station(4)
                            Scratchbuilt - "National Car Loading Corporation" w/ 2 working lights
                            Industrial Factory "Standart Electric" Beautifully weathered & landscaped
                            Large Town Hall building w/ Columns in front
                            Small Warehouse building - Kibri
                            Natural Gas Fill Station - Kibri
                            Small Trackside frieght Station - Lifelike(2 available, 1 w/Red roof & 1 w/Brown roof)
                            Used Car sales Lot with Building & Lot for cars
                            Betsey Ross Little Red school House
                            Vintage Revell Red & Green Interlocking Tower
                            Small Heljan Interlocking Tower
                            Small White House w/Brown Roof and Patio with Green roof
                            Small House with back yard Patio and furniture - Faller
                            Ranch House with single Car garage
                            Blacksmith with Barn style roof - Tyco-Pola
                            Diesel Sand Depot #1
                            Diesel Sand Depot #2
                            Diesel Sand Depot #3
                            Scratchbuilt - 2 story Colonial House - Detailed Cardstock
                            Community Playhouse w/Ticket booth - Vintage Revell 1958 built up Kit
                            Arlee Station - Built up Pola Kit
                            Freight Station fully colored with details - Tyco
                            Yellow & White split level House - Plasticville
                            Large Interlocking trackside Tower - Pola
                            Federal Savings & Loan Bank
                            Vintage Train Station with Phone booth
                            Horse Stable - Vintage 1958 built up Revell Kit
                            Farm House - Vintage 1958 built up Revell Kit(3)
                            Large Coal Station
                            Scratchbuilt - Generic Factory building constructed from Metal kit parts
                            Farm House White w/Tan roof
                            Trackside supply House w/Water spout and many details
                            Small House w/ Stone siding texture & Dark Tan shingled roof
                            Little Red School House w/Black roof
                            Plasticville Water Tower
                            Small House Shed with Laundry Hanging out on the line
                            Scratchbuilt Water Tower - Wood construction
                            Kensington Small Fire Department
                            Gray House with Swimming pool in back
                            Small Log Cabin #1
                            Small Log Cabin #2
                            Small Log Cabin #3
                            Plasticville Schoolhouse
                            Scratchbuilt - Livery Stable
                            Small Tan House with Green shutters
                            Small Gray House with Brown shutters
                            2 Story Light Brown Stone House with Green paneled 2nd floor & Red roof
                            Union Station - Plasticville
                            Pink Cape Cod House - Plasticville
                            Barn - Plasticville
                            2 Story House under Construction - Plasticville
                            Bachmann Factory - Plasticville
                            Electric Power Station - Kirbi