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HO Scale USED Engines

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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Locomotives in varying conditions.

Other Description Information: The Following are used Locomotives in varying conditions. Lots may consist of one or more as indicated. Most are in running condition while some are not and only good for parts. Most items specify general description, but for more info you are welcome to request prices, photos, ask questions by sending us an E-Mail.

SKU:         Description:
00062/000     "L & N" F Series Type Diesel(Runs like new, looks excellent missing horns)
00062/000     Seaboard Coastline 1776 GP-18(Runs like new - minor railing issue but excellent otherwise)

00062/000     Spirit Of 1776 Presidential seal Alco Century 430 WITH Caboose(2 pieces)(Runs like new and looks excellent)

00062/000     Chicago & North Western 400 Diesel(Runs & looks excellent)
00062/000     City Of San Fransisco - E8 Diesel(Runs & Looks like new)
00062/000     Amtrak - F-7(Runs & Looks excellent)
00062/000     Chatanoogo - GP-20(Runs excellent, missing railings but looks very good)
00062/066     Chicago/Milwaukee/St.Paul/Pacific Diesel Engine(Missing parrts, not running, decent shape)
00062/066     New Haven F series Diesel Engine #1(Runs decent, physically needs repair work)
00062/066     New Haven F series Diesel Engine #3(Run like new in decent physical shape)

00062/066     New Haven F series Diesel Engines- (1 running well,  1running irratically, both are in decent physical shape)

00062/081     Amtrak F-7(New Looking, Engine runs but wheels don't go)
00062/081     Amtrak F40PH(New Looking, Lights up but motor doesn't run)
00062/081     Burlington GE U36B Diesel(New Looking, but motor doesn't run)
00062/081     Illinois Central Gulf 5628 Diesel(New Looking, runs well but missing railings)
00062/081     Union Pacific EMD GP40 Diesel(Used, new looking and runs well)
00062/081     Burlington EMD GP40 Diesel(New Looking, Runs decent,Broken couplers)
00062/081     Santa Fe 2654 Diesel Engine(New looking & runs very well)
00062/081     Big Pine Lumber Company GP-9 Diesel(New looking and runs well)
00062/081     Spirit of 1776 ALCO Century 424(New Looking and runs well)
00062/083     Santa Fe F-9 #307 Diesel Engine(Used in excellent shape, runs well, missing front coupler)

00062/083     Erie Lackawanna EMD GP-40 #2570 Diesel(Used,No motor, needs couplers, Good condition)

00062/083     Santa Fe US Mail Railway Post Office Locomotive(Missing trucks, Motor runs great, has drive shafts)

00062/088     Baltimore & Ohio Diesel(Missing Parts but motor runs well-Body & Chassis don't match but are very close)

00062/088     Illinois Central Gulf Diesel(Runs very Well & in good shape)
00062/088     Reading Lines Diesel(Missing Rear truck assembly but motor runs great)
00062/088     Santa Fe Diesel Dummy & Piggy Back Dummy(Good shape, piggy back is missing tow hook)
00062/088     Santa Fe Diesel(Runs Well - 2 Avail.)
00062/088     Silver Streak Diesel(Runs very well)

00062/088     Union Pacific Diesel 2047(Runs Great & in very good shape but needs simple connecting rod part that fits over drive shaft to operate properly)

00062/088     Union Pacific Diesel 624(Runs great & in very good condition)
00062/000     Virginian Diesel(Runs Great - Only missing railings)
00062/098     Union Pacific GP30?(Runs Great,Near New and complete)
00062/098     Santa Fe GP38(Excellent shape, Runs very well)
00062/102     Chessie System Diesel F9 - #4015(Light Use, runs great)
00062/121     Santa Fe F9(Good Running condition)
00062/122     Road number 605 Steam Locomotive - No Tender(Not running well)
00062/122     Santa Fe Short 98 Steam Locomotive (Good condition & running order)
00062/122     Baltimore & Ohio Short 98 Steam Locomotive (Good condition & shaky running order)
00062/122     Santa Fe - Train Yard Diesel (Good condition, Runs like new)

00062/122     Rock Island - Alco Century 430 Diesel (Missing railings & side plastic piece on truck, Runs very good)

00062/122     Santa Fe - GP38-2 Diesel (Near Mint condition, Runs like new)
00062/122     Union Pacific - F40PH(Missing front end stairwell section-Runs like new)
00062/122     Santa Fe - GP38-2(Very Good condition, Runs Excellent)
00062/122     Southern Pacific - EMD GP-20(Missing Railings, Runs Very good)
00062/122     Southern Pacific - EMD GP-20(Missing Railings, slight warp to cab area, Runs Very good)
00062/122     Santa Fe - F-7 & B Unit(2 pieces)(Needs couplers, good otherwise, Runs like new)
00062/122     North Pole & Southern - F-7(Very good condition, Runs like New)
00062/122     Santa Fe - F-7(Excellent condition, Runs Fair)
00062/122     Santa Fe(Chrome) F-7(Excellent condition, Runs Excellent)
00062/122     Union Pacific - F Series Diesel - (Looks & Runs Excellent)
00062/122     EMD SD45 Road #4353 (Looks & Runs Great)
00062/122     Southern Pacific - F-7 (Used excellent condition, Runs Great)
00062/122     Santa Fe - FP-45 (Excellent condition, Runs Great)
00062/125     Santa Fe - Alco Century C-628 (Runs like new-Near Mint, minor railing problems)
00062/125     Burlington Northern - Alco Century C-628 (Runs like new-Near mint)
00062/125     Monon - Diesel Locomotive #23 Black & Gold(Runs like new-Near Mint)
00062/125     B & O Chessie System - GP-38 #4810(Runs like new-Near Mint)

00062/125     "All American Powertrain" F-7 w/3 train cars(Red, White & Blue)Runs like new-excellent shape)

00062/125     Baltimore & Ohio - F-7(Runs excellent-Near Mint shape)
00062/125     Santa Fe - GE-U36-B (Runs like new, Near Mint)
00062/125     Santa Fe - F-7 w/Dummy F-7(Runs like new, Near Mint shape)
00062/125     Chicago North Western - "400"(Runs Like New-Railing damage)
00062/125     Northern Pacific - Large Diesel Loco #1246(Runs like new-near mint)
00062/125     Santa Fe "At & SF" - Tank Locomotive(Runs & Looks excellent)
00062/132     Diesel Locomotive unknown type - "DT & I(Runs well, physically needs work)
00062/132     Burlington - Switcher Diesel Locomotive(Near Mint Runs like new)
00062/136     Santa Fe - GP-18(Runs very Good, looks very clean)
00062/136     Monon - Alco RS-2(Runs Like New & near new condition)
00062/136     Chessie System - Alco Century 430(Runs Good, Looks dirty, needs coupler)
00062/136     Golden Eagle #1102 - C-630 Diesel(Runs Like New, looks Good, missing railings)
00062/136     Conrail #2268 - GP-30(Runs & Looks Excellent, needs coupler)
00062/136     B & O "Chessie System"(Runs Good, Looks Excellent)
00062/136     Santa Fe #4015 - F7A Powered & Dummy Units(Runs Good, needs couplers)
00062/136     Amtrak - F7A(Runs Like New, Looks Decent)
00062/136     C & O "Chessie System" - F9A(Runs Good, Looks Like New)
00062/136     Baltimore & Ohio - 0-2-0 Steam Locomotive(LIMA)Runs & Looks Like New)
00062/138     Alco Super 630 - "Illinois Central Gulf"(Runs slow, Near Mint-Mint physical condition)

00062/138     0-4-0 Steam Locomotive - "2350" No name - (Runs well but makes noise - May need an overhaul)

00062/138     F Series - "Santa Fe"(Dark Bue & Yellow) - (Runs Fair to Good)

00062/138     LOT OF 2 - FP-45 - "C & O Chessie System"(not running & missing wheels) AND GP-20 - "Santa Fe"(Runs decent, missing 1 side truck cover)

00062/138     Alco Super 630 "1776"(Used in like new running condition, missing 1 side truck piece)
00062/138     Alco Century 430 "1776"(Used in very good running condition)

00062/138     GP-38-2 - "Union Pacific"(Used but in very good shape missing side rails and minor coupler part & Runs like new-Better quality fly wheel locomotive)

00062/147     FP-45 "Amtrak" Runs like new, very good condition

00062/147     FP-45 "Northern Pacific" Runs like new, Missing a few steps on rear, otherwise, excellent shape

00062/147     FP-45 "Burlington Northern" Runs and looks like new, needs rear coupler
00062/147     F-7 "Chessie - C & O" Runs & Looks like new
00062/147     F-7 "Santa Fe" Runs like new, Good to very good condition
00062/147     F-9 "Chessie System" Runs like New, Looks excellent
00062/147     F-9 "Burlington Northern" Runs & Looks like new
00062/147     F-9 "Pennsylvania" Kaydee couplers, Runs like new, Looks excellent
00062/147     F-9 "Union Pacific" Runs like new, Looks excellent
00062/147     F Series "Rock Island" Runs & Looks good
00062/147     F Series "Santa Fe" Blue & Yellow - Runs like new, Looks very good missing horns
00062/147     F Series "Atlantic Coast Line" Purple - Runs like new, looks very good missing horns
00062/147     F40PH "New Jersey Transit" Runs and looks Fair to good

00062/147     Baldwin RF-16 "Midnight Special" Runs like new but needs truck wheel covers and coupler work

00062/147     Baldwin RF-16  "Burlington Northern" Runs fair to good, Looks very good
00062/147     GP-18 "1776" Runs & Looks like with minor rail damage
00062/147     GP-18 "Erie Lackawanna" Runs very good, Looks excellent except for minor rail damage

00062/147     Alco RS-11 "Burlington Northern"  Runs like new, Minor railing damage but looks excellent otherwise

00062/147     Alco Century 628C "Lehigh Valley" Runs like new, looks very good
00062/147     Alco Century 628C "Burlington Northern" Runs like new, Looks very good
00062/147     Alco Century 430 "Illinois Central Gulf" Runs like new, Looks excellent with no railings
00062/147     Alco Century 430 "Rock Island" Runs like new, Looks Excellent but no railings

00062/147     Alco Century 430 "Union Pacific Silver Streak" Runs like new, Very good condition but no railings

00062/147     GP-38 "GM & O" Runs good, Looks fair to good
00062/147     GP-38 "Santa Fe" Runs & looks like new
00062/147     GP-20 "Santa Fe" Runs like new, Looks excellent with no railings & missing 1 wheel cover
00062/147     GP-20 "Chattanooga" Runs like new, Looks very good with no railings
00062/147     GP-40 "Union Pacific" Runs like new, Looks excellent with minor stairwell damage
00062/147     SD40-2 "Undecorated" Kaydee couplers, Runs like new, Looks excellent
00062/147     SD-9 "SHS" Runs Like New, Excellent condition
00062/147     GE U30-B "Santa Fe" Blue & Yellow Runs like new, looks very good
00062/147     Alco Century 628C "Delaware & Hudson" Runs very good, Looks Excellent
00062/147     F-7 "Santa Fe" Motor doesn't run well, needs work - Good physical shape)

00062/147     F-7 "1776" Bicentennial WITH "1776" Caboose(Set of 2) Engine runs strong but has grinding noise- Good physical shape

00062/147     F Series "L & N" Lines - Runs like new - missing horns, ex. shape otherwise

00062/147     F-7 "Santa Fe" Powered & Dummy Locomotives(2 pieces)(Used in very good condition & runs like new

00062/147     2-6-0 Steam Locomotive "DB"(Excellent physical & Decent running condition(2)

00062/147     0-2-0 Steam Locomotive with tender "Sante Fe"(Motor no good, but excellent physical condition, great for parts)

00062/164     FP-45 Diesel "Amtrak"(Very Good condition, runs like new)
00062/164     C 630 Diesel "Chessie System"(Runs like new but is missing it's wheels covers)
00062/164     GE U30C Diesel "Erie Lackawanna"(Very good condition, Runs like new)

00062/164     Alco Century 430 "Bicentennial 1776 Edition"(Decals mostly intact, missing one horn, Runs Very good)

00062/164     Alco Century 430 "Santa Fe" (Excellent condition, Runs like new)
00062/164     F-40PH "Union Pacific" (Runs very good, Has some bottom cosmetic skirt damage)
00062/164     GP-9 Low Nose "Reading Lines" (Runs like new, missing one wheel cover & railings)
00062/164     GP-9 Low Nose "Burlington Northern" (Runs well with noise, Missing railings)
00062/164     GP 60 "Santa Fe" (Good condition, runs like new)

00062/164     Switcher Diesel "Santa Fe" BLUE(Intermittant running motor, may need repair, Excellent physical condition)

00062/164     Small Yard Diesel Loco "Baltimore & Ohio"(Runs like New in good physical shape)
00062/164     0-4-0 Tank Steam Loco UNMARKED Riverossi (Runs Like new in very good shape)(2)
00062/164     F-7 "Santa Fe" (Runs like New in very good shape)
00062/164     F-7 "Amtrak" (Runs like New in Excellent Physical shape)
00062/164     F-9 "Union Pacific" (Runs like New, Excellent physical shape)
00062/164     F-9 "Baltimore & Ohio" (Runs like New, Excellent Physical shape)
00062/164     F-9 "C & O Chessie System" (Both Runs & Looks like New)
00062/164     EMD FT Diesel "Atlantic Coast Line" (Runs like New, Looks Near Mint)
00062/164     Fairbanks Morse FM Diesel "Santa Fe" (Runs Like New, looks Excellent)(2)

00062/164     Fairbanks Morse FM Diesel "Baltimore & Ohio" (Runs like New, Looks Excellent, missing horns)

00062/168     Hustler Switcher "D & Rio Grande" (Needs motor support repair & drive bands, runs good only at high speed in it's current state)

00062/168     Alco Century 424 "Milwaukee Road" (Needs railing repair, Runs like New)
00062/193     Yard Diesel 463 "Illinois Central"(Runs like new in very good condition)High Quality Lifelike
00062/193     GP-18 "Illinois Central" 9368 w/engineer(Runs like new-Excellent cond.)High quality Lifelike

00062/193     GP-18 "Illinois Central" 9400 w/engineer(Runs like new - Excellent condition)High quality Lifelike

00062/193     GP-20 "Illinois Central" 9420 w/engineer(Runs like new-Excellent cond.)High quality Lifelike
00062/193     GP-30 "Illinois Central" 2278 w/engineer(Runs like new-Excellent cond.)High Quality Lifelike
00062/193     GP-38-2 "Illinois Central"(Runs like new-Excellent cond. NO Couplers)High Quality Lifelike

SKU:         Description:
00062/066     New York Central Shark Nose Diesel(Lighted, Excellent shape)
00062/121     Santa Fe - F Series B Unit(Excellent condition) Athearn
00062/122     Amtrak - F-7(Excellent condition, Missing Horn & Light lenses)
00062/122     Rock Island - U35-B(Excellent Condition, Missing clips that hold trucks in place)