Matchbox 1/64 Scale and 1 to 75 Series.... More than half of the merchandise we sell moves very quickly. This is due to the limited stock on items that are not always easy to find and quite often very rare. Sports to Coins and so much more, we offer products and supplies that cover it all!.... BMW, Model Trains Gscale, Model Trains Nscale, topps, plymouth, Hummel Porcelain, FORD, 1/43, SCORE, Models, N, football, BLUE BOX, HOBBY, Onyx, FORD, Records, Collectibles, Engines, Hallmark, Custom Scale Modeling, Audio, Soldier Figurine, Studio, 1/18, .... Dolls Plush and most other collectibles, Sports, Coins, Diecast Cars and Trucks....

Matchbox 1/64 Scale and 1 to 75 Series
Diecast Vintage 1950s & 1960s

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Most items seen on this page are available in "Very Good" to "Ex." preowned condition. "Kits" are more likely in unbuilt "New" condition. If you have a preference on condition, please email us. We will then follow-up to let you know if we can accommodate your request with availability and price. Thank you.

Additional Condition Information: Some models are mint boxed while others may be unboxed in lesser condition.

Other Description Information: The list below contains the 1 to 75 series models from the eras of the 1950s and 1960s ONLY. These are all vintage models and getting very difficult to get with each passing day.

SKU:       ISSUE #      Description:
05603/000   1A1           Diesel Road Roller
05606/000   1B2           Road Roller
05609/000   1D1           Aveling Barford Road Roller
05610/000   1E1a & b   Mercedes Benz Lorry
05613/000   2A2           Dumper
05618/000   2D1           Mercedes Benz Trailer
05620/000   3A1           Cement Mixer
05624/000   3B2           Bedford Tipper
05625/000   3B3           Bedford Tipper
05629/000   3C2           Mercedes Benz "Binz"Ambulance
05635/000   4C1           Triumph Motorcycle & Side Car
05638/000   4D2           Dodge Stake Truck
05640/000   5B1           London Bus
05651/000   5D1           London Bus - "Longlife"
05645/000   5C2           Routemaster London Bus
05653/000   5D3           Routemaster Bus - "Visco Static"
05656/000   6A1           Quarry Truck
05659/000   6B2           Euclid Quarry Truck
05661/000   6C2           Euclid Quarry Truck
05662/000   6D1           Ford Pickup Truck
05665/000   7A2           Horse Drawn Milk Float
05671/000   7C2           Ford Refuse Truck
05681/000   8E1           Ford Mustang Fastback
05683/000   9A1           Dennis Fire Escape Fire Engine
05684/000   9B1           Dennis Fire Escape Fire Engine
05688/000   9C3           Merryweather Fire Engine
05690/000   9C4A         Merryweather Fire Engine - Sil.lad.
05693/000   9D2           Boat & Trailer
05694/000   10A1         Mechanical Horse & Trailer
05696/000   10B1A       Mechanical Horse & Trailer
05702/000   10C4         Sugar Container Truck
05703/000   10D1         Pipe Truck
05704/000   10D1C       Pipe Truck
05719/000   11C2         Jumbo Crane
05720/000   11D1         Scaffold Truck
05721/000   12A1         Land Rover
05727/000   12C3A       Land Rover Safari
05733/000   13B1         Bdford Wreck Truck
05741/000   13D3         Dodge Wreck Truck
05748/000   14B1         Daimler Ambulance
05756/000   14C3         Bedford Lomas Ambulance
05757/000   14D1         Iso Griffo Automobile
05759/000   15A2         Prime Mover
05762/000   15B2         Rotinoff Atlantic Prime Mover
05764/000   15C2A       Refuse Truck
05769/000   16A1         Atlantic Trailer
05772/000   16B3         Atlantic Trailer
05776/000   16C2A       Scammel Snow Plow
05796/000   17D2         Hoveringham Tipper
05797/000   17E1         Horse Box
05802/000   18C3         Caterpiller Bulldozer
05804/000   18D2         Caterpiller Bulldozer
05807/000   18E3         Field Car
05808/000   18E4         Field Car
05824/000   19D3         Lotus Racing Car
05827/000   20A2         ERF Stake Truck
05833/000   20B1         ERF 686 Truck
05838/000   20C3         Chevy Impala Taxi Cab
05839/000   20C4A       Chevy Impala Taxi Cab
05855/000   21C8         Milk Float
05859/000   22A1         Vauxhall Cresta
05877/000   22C2A       Pontiac Grand Prix Sports Coupe
05878/000   22C2B       Pontiac Grand Prix Sports Coupe
05880/000   23B1         Berkeley Cavalier Trailer
05890/000   23D3         Trailer Caravan
05891/000   24A1         Weatherhill Excavator
05893/000   24B1         Weatherhill Excavator(Gray Plastic Wheels)
05896/000   24C1A       Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
05897/000   24C1B       Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
05905/000   25C2         Petrol Tanker
05907/000   25D1         Ford Cortina
05917/000   26B4A       Foden Concrete Truck
05919/000   26C1         GMC Tipper Truck
05923/000   27B2         Bedford Lowloader
05931/000   27C5B      1960 Cadillac Sixty Special
05935/000   27D1         Mercedes Benz 230Si
05937/000   28A1         Bedford Compressor Truck
05940/000   28B2         Thames Compressor Truck
05943/000   28C3         Jaguar MK.10
05944/000   28D1         Mack Dump Truck
05946/000   29A1         Bedford Milk Delivery Van-MetalTires
05947/000   29A2         Bedford Milk Delivery Van-Plast.Tires
05951/000   29C1         Fire Pumper
05964/000   30B7         6 Wheel Crane
05966/000   30C2A       8 Wheel Crane
05967/000   30C2B       8 Wheel Crane
05969/000   31A1         Ford Station Wagon
05976/000   31B6         Ford Fairlane Station Wagon
05980/000   31C1         Lincoln Continental(Met.Blue)
05981/000   31C2         Lincoln Continental(Mint Grn)
05983/000   32A1         Jaguar XK140 Coupe
05988/000   32B3A       Jaguar XKE
05989/000   32B3B       Jaguar XKE
05993/000   32C2         Leyland Petrol Tanker
SKU:       ISSUE #      Description:

06042/000   37B1         Coca Cola Lorry
06046/000   37C2         Dodge Cattle Truck
06048/000   38A2         Karrier Refuse Collector
06055/000   38B5         Vauxhall Victor Estate Car
06059/000   38C3         Honda Motorcycle & Trailer
06060/000   38C4         Honda Motorcycle & Trailer
06066/000   39B1         Pontiac Convertible
06073/000   39B8         Pontiac Convertible
06074/000   39B9         Pontiac Convertible
06075/000   39C1         Ford Tractor
06085/000   40B3         Leyland Royal Tiger Coach
06086/000   40C1         Hay Trailer
06091/000   41A1         Jaguar D-Type
06099/000   41B5         Jaguar D-Type
06101/000   41C2         Ford GT
06103/000   41C4         Ford GT
06104/000   41C5         Ford GT
06106/000   42A1         Bedford Evening New Van
06110/000   42B2         Studebaker Lark Wagonaire
06113/000   42C1         Iron Fairy Crane
06114/000   43A1         Hillman Minx GREEN (EXTREMELY Rare!)
06115/000   43A2         Hillman Minx
06120/000   43B2         Aveling Barford Tractor Shovel
06123/000   43C1         Pony Trailer
06124/000   43C2         Pony Trailer
06130/000   44B3         Rolls Royce Phantom V
06133/000   44C1         GMC Refrigerator Truck
06142/000   45B2         Ford Corsair with Boat
06152/000   46B5         Pickfords Removal Van
06154/000   46B7         Pickfords Removal Van
06157/000   46C1         Mercedes Benz 300SE
06158/000   46C2         Mercedes Benz 300SE
06160/000   47A2         Trojan 1 Ton Van
06162/000   47B2         Commer Ice Cream Canteen
06163/000   47B3         Commer Ice Cream Canteen
06166/000   47B6         Commer Ice Cream Canteen
06168/000   47C2         DAF Tipper Container Truck
06169/000   47C3         DAF Tipper Container Truck
06175/000   48B3         Sports Boat & Trailer
06181/000   48C1         Dodge Dumper Truck
06182/000   48C2         Dodge Dumper Truck
06188/000   49B1         Mercedes Benz Unimog
06189/000   49B2         Mercedes Benz Unimog
06192/000   50A3         Commer Pickup
06199/000   50B1         John Deere Tractor
06203/000   50C3         Ford Kennel Truck
06206/000   51A2         Albion Chieftan
06210/000   51B1         John Deere Trailer
06214/000   51C2         8 Wheel Tipper "Douglas"
06215/000   51C3         8 Wheel Tipper "Douglas"
06216/000   51C4         8 Wheel Tipper "Pointer"
06217/000   52A1         Maserati 4CLT Racer
06223/000   52B1         BRM Racing Car
06237/000   53B5         Mercedes Benz 220SE
06238/000   53C1         Ford Zodiac MKIV
06240/000   54A1         Saracen Personal Carrier
06241/000   54B1         Cadillac S & S Ambulance
06243/000   54B2         Cadillac S & S Ambulance
06245/000   55C1         DUKW US Army Amphibious Vehicle
06252/000   55C2         Ford Galaxie Police Car
06260/000   56A5         London Trolley Bus
06261/000   56B1         Fiat 1500
06263/000   56B3         Fiat 1500 Red (VERY Rare)
06273/000   57B6         Chevy Impala
06275/000   57C2         Land Rover Fire Truck
06283/000   58B3         Drott Excavator(Red)
06286/000   58C1         DAF Girder Truck
06287/000   59A1         Ford Thames Van "Singer"
06293/000   59B3         Ford Fairlane Fire Cheif Car
06294/000   59C1         Ford Fairlane Fire Cheif Car
06295/000   59C2         Ford Fairlane Fire Cheif Car
06303/000   60B1C       Site Hut Truck
06304/000   60B1B       Site Hut Truck
06307/000   61B2         Alvis Stalwart
06311/000   62A1         General Service Lorry (Military)
06313/000   62B2A       TV Service Van
06314/000   62B2B       TV Service Van
06318/000   62C2         Mercury Cougar
06319/000   63A1         Ford Service Ambulance (Military)
06322/000   63C1         Dodge Crane Truck
06327/000   64A3         Scammell Breakdown Truck (Military)
06328/000   64B1         MG 1100
06330/000   65A2         Jaguar 3.4 Litre Saloon
06338/000   66B1         Harley Davidson Motorcycle & Sidecar
06340/000   66C2         Greyhound Bus
06341/000   66C3         Greyhound Bus
06342/000   67A1         Saladin Armoured Car (Military)
06343/000   67B1         Volkswagon 1600 TL
06345/000   67B3         Volkswagon 1600 TL
06346/000   68A1         Austin MKII Radio Truck (Military)
06347/000   68B1         Mercedes Benz Coach
06348/000   68B2         Mercedes Benz Coach
06350/000   69A1         Commer CWT Van "Nestle's"
06355/000   69B3         Hatra Tractor Shovel
06357/000   69B5         Hatra Tractor Shovel
06358/000   70A1         Ford Thames Estate Car(Gry whls)
06363/000   70A6         Ford Thames Estate Car(Blk whls)
06371/000   71B2         Jeep Gladiator Pickup
06375/000   71C3         Ford Heavy Wreck Truck
06382/000   72A6         Fordson Tractor
06383/000   72B1         Jeep
06386/000   73B2         Ferrari F-1 Racing Car
06387/000   73C1         Mercury Station Wagon
06398/000   74B1         Daimler Bus "Esso" Cream
06400/000   74B3         Daimler Bus "Esso" Green
06401/000   74B4         Daimler Bus "Esso" Red
06404/000   75A3         1960 Ford Thunderbird
06409/000   75B2         Ferrari Berlinetta
06007/000   33B2         Ford Zephyr 6 MK III
06008/000   33B3         Ford Zephyr 6 MK III
06011/000   33C2         Lamborghini Miura
06013/000   34A1         Volkswagon Van
06018/000   34B2A       Volkswagon Camper
06020/000   34C1         Volkswagon Camper
06021/000   34D1         Volkswagon Camper
06022/000   35A1         Marshall Horse Box
06027/000   35B2         Snow Trac Tractor
06028/000   35B3         Snow Trac Tractor
06030/000   36A1         Austin A50