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123 Studio Toybox Collectibles Introduction Page
        123 Studio Toybox Collectibles offers a wide variety of Toy & Hobby related items specializing in, but not limited to scale model trains and diecast vehicles. You can visit the many pages of these items listed to the left. Aside from hobby and toy items, we have a gift department that is absolutely packed with great items for most occassions! That includes, DISNEY, DEPARTMENT 56, HUMMELS, COINS, STAMPS, DECORATIVE GLASS, PORCELAIN FIGURINES, HALLMARK ORNAMENTS and much more!
       We have an ever changing inventory of both new & used and in many cases "one of a kind" items that will not be seen everywhere else. This is the reason why our website offers so many listings without photos and prices because things move so quickly here.
        We've had a store on Ebay for more than 10 years with a near 99% positive customer satisfaction rating. You can read up on our reputation right from customer quotes located in the feedback forum. There, you will see what our well over 6,000 satisfied buyers have said about the service and products we provide. We have many repeat customers that rely on us to always provide an interesting selection of products. For a glimpse of some of the comments that our customers have said, visit our Consumer Feedback Gallery.
       One if the things that 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles takes pride in is the character of the products we sell. Our buyer has a keen eye for bringing in merchandise that meets a certain criteria. Most of the products we sell are of high quality, limited in production making them more rare, or just plain old out of date and vintage making them more desirable. In some cases specific items will meet more than one of these criteria.
      The products in our inventory primarily cater to collectors and are considered adult collectibles for the most part. However, please don't let this scare you away from buying an item for a child or young adult. These days the "adult collectible" term is being loosely used. After all, just about everything we sell is a toy and whether your an adult or a child, it really doesn't make a difference. What does matter is that the item you buy makes you or someone you know happy. :)
       More than half of the merchandise we sell moves very quickly. This is due to the limited stock on items that are not always easy to find and quite often very rare. It is because of this that you should check back with us from time to time as our inventory is always being updated with new and interesting items. It's also a good idea to email us ahead of time if you are thinking about making a purchase in the future just to be sure that the item you want will be available in our inventory. Because many of the items in our inventory are from secondary markets, it is possible that once an item sells out, it's gone for good. But occasionally, we are able to special order some of these items that are tuff to get. This would of course depend upon availability.
       Aside from offering most all hobby related products, we also offer custom scale modeling for just about anything. If you need to have a scale model of a car, boat, plane or any vehicle as well as all types of dioramas made for whatever the reason, we have the ability to deliver professional results in this area. Please visit our Scale Modeling Portfolio Page to read more about this and have a look at the sample photos of past projects that have been done by 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles.
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