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Public Service Information Page

Ebay is losing the confidence of it's sellers.

     As long time sellers on the Ebay site for many years, we have come to realize that we are not wanted there anymore. We say this for many reasons not the least of which is that since new policy changes that gear the site more in the way of automation, the site now treats sellers with good standing records unfairly by placing them in with less than reputable ones thus jeopardizing their accounts. It has been known as the "Dolphins in the net" theory.

     Ebay is losing the confidence of it's sellers by setting a double standard in many areas. One example of this is typical of the STAR ratings system that they have in place. In short, this system allows buyers to rate sellers with from 1 to 5 stars in four categories of service. Those categories are Item Description; Communication; Shipping Time and Shipping Costs.

     Ebay clearly tells buyers at the time of leaving their rating that 4 stars is considered "Accurate"; "Satisfied"; "Quickly" and "Reasonable" with respect to each of the four categories shown above. However, they have just recently mandated a policy that requires a seller to maintain no less than 4.1 stars in ALL areas or else they will be suspended from selling on the site! Whatever their reason(s) for doing this is completely irrelevant. We know as well as anyone else that reads this, that this is totally unfair! How is it possible that any one of the 4 star descriptions explained above be grounds for dismissal from selling on the site?!

     From all accounts, it would seem that Ebay's policy makers are resolving to the idea that a certain percentage, approxamately 4% of all sellers on their site are expendable. But when you consider that Ebay has a safe figure of no less than 1.5 million dedicated sellers on the site, you are talking about affecting a number of people well above 60,000!! We don't believe that the 4% is always the same people either. It is probably safer to say that no less than 100,000 sellers would be affected at some point by these restrictions and suspensions. And even if only 10% of THAT were the expendable Dolphins, then you are talking about screwing over no less than 10,000 honest hard working policy abiding sellers! That is just unacceptable!

     We have done months of research in this area and have come up with MANY reasons why Ebay is doing this, all of which are not good. It has been kind of like opening up a can of worms. There are so many cross linked factors involved in all of this that it begins to look very ominous. Rather than get into every aspect of what we've found through doing our research, we thought we would just point you in the direction of the posted articles or websites that we felt BEST explained all these things in detail. You will see these links at the bottom of this article. I urge you to look at these posts as they are the best of the best in our opinion. And anyone who knows of something that we are not aware of, is welcome to alert us to it for consideration in adding to that list. What we will elaborate more about here on this site will focus on the star ratings issue and how automation is ruining good people's lives.

     First, it would be important to understand that in order to maintain a record above the 4.1 star level, you would need to receive 5 stars as there is no in-between. If for whatever reason, your business cannot cater to absolute perfection or if your buyers don't believe in rating 5 stars in any of the four rated categories, you will get no more than 4 stars which is in Ebay's own terms as shown above, completely acceptable, but according to their policy, will of course get you banned.

     Another issue related to this is that even if your rating falls below 4.3 stars in any area, Ebay treats you as a second class user by limiting the visibility of the items you sell on the site! You pay the same fees as everyone else, but are not treated the same way even though your ratings FAR exceed what would be considered a good seller.

     Our opinion here is that Ebay has abandoned the old way of doing things with their feedback to try and pioneer something that no one else has ever done thinking that this was going to make their jobs easier in the long run. They may have had good intentions at the start with a way to eliminate fraud and buyer complaints, but in most people's opinions have pulled the plan out of the oven before clearly thinking the process through. And what they have now is a policy structure in this area that is ruining people's lives by restricting or suspending users at a record pace that don't keep up with numbers that for many people are just not attainable. This by no means indicates that these people are bad sellers! These users have done well for Ebay the entire time that they've been in existence and have built their lives around Ebay only to be abandoned in the long run.

     A point that we would like to make here is that it has become quite widely known that Ebay has been trying to model there site after Amazon. But then if they wanted to do that, they should have paid closer attention in the area of the seller star ratings! Ive spoken with representatives at Amazon many times and everyone I speak to there are stunned at how Ebay has given up on these sellers. Amazon was smart in understanding that NO user is expendable if he or she is within reasonable limits. They do not see the need to punish sellers unnecessarily with such ridiculous restrictions and suspensions. Their feedback system is based on a 5 star rating system in general. Not one that focuses on specific categories that sellers in many cases have no control over. And I was clearly told that unless you've done something to deserve suspension from the Amazon site, a 4 star rating would NEVER get you restricted in any way, not alone banned. In fact, you could maintain an OVERALL star rating of as low as 3.7 and still not be in jeopardy of losing your account status in any way. And Amazon has not withdrawn the ability for a seller to leave a buyer a verbal feedback like Ebay has either. They just didn't see the need for it. But yet Ebay wants to be like Amazon. Well, you don't see sites on the Internet that are devoted to fighting Amazon's policies, do you?

     It is clear to us that Ebay policy makers are acting out of desperation. They see their site not doing as well as it has in the past and so they implement policy moves in a hastily fashioned way without understanding the power that they yield. This power has the capability of ruining peoples lives, ruining the marketplace for the buyers and creating irreversible damage to their own company that they may never recover from without years of rebuilding. Before implementing policies such as they have, they need to repair the ones that already existed first! For example, you can't state in your policy such as Ebay does that the buyer is REQUIRED to follow a seller's policy guidelines and then implement NEW policy that punishes a seller when the buyer complains about something that goes against those guidelines! Additionally, you can't be telling a buyer that a star rating of 4 is good and then incorporate a NEW policy that suspends a seller for getting 4 stars in his ratings! These are only two examples of the product of overlapping policies. Ebay is building a new house on an old unstable foundation. This will absolutely NOT work! They just don't understand this!

      One of the biggest problems we have with all this is that Ebay doesn't consider the seller that they do this to at all! 5 or even 10 years of policy abiding dedicated service and excellent customer ratings and feedback on their site means absolutely nothing to Ebay's policy makers. They are choosing what is quite obviously a generically automated way of handling the good sellers that fall below their contradicting policy thresholds.

     The damage we have personally suffered here at 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles over a very long period of time due to all this has been more than just financial, it has been physical! And it has gone on long enough!! This is why we have now made a conscious decision to act!! Not just by withdrawing our product from Ebay, but by educating the entire World as to what is happening, most importantly, the people that own Ebay stock! Stockholders need to understand the way Ebay is treating their users and why they are failing the marketplace. And we are going to do whatever we can to make them understand so long as the abuse continues. We have in fact made it our mission!


     The policy makers at Ebay think so highly of themselves that they feel their company is untouchable. They feel that a certain number of their honest fee paying users are expendable without recourse enough to make a difference. This is where they gravely underestimate users like us. And there is absolutely NO DOUBT that we are not alone. You CAN make a difference!

     If you are one of the users on Ebay that has been affected by this abuse seriously enough to want change, then we urge you to please first go and further arm yourselves by reading the following article and site links that we have uncovered below. Then respond to any number of them by posting your own experience. Get involved in the class action lawsuit if it applies to you. Go to links that gear towards stock market reports that allow users to make posts and alert the stock buying community to your experience. And if you are in a position that forces you to take the abuse on Ebay such as many users have been put in because of not being able to leave the site for financial reasons, then the best way for you to act is by writing a cover letter that explains these things to the very people that Ebay wants to hide this information from, the BUYERS!! Make copies of your letter telling them how unfair Ebay has been toward YOU and ship that letter with each and every one of the packages that you send! Then additionally promote your OWN website and/or bring their business over to a new venue to buy your items there instead of on Ebay.

     Help us in helping you to make the Internet a better place to buy and sell and spread the word of unacceptable and unfair policy forcing and abuse!

Thank you!!

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