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        Orders are accepted from any country in the World. We ship packages once a week, usually on Friday. If you are looking for a gift item and need to have it for a specific point in time, it is always a good idea to let us know so that we can tell you if your item will ship in time. You are welcome to request a rush order to be placed on your package for a $10 fee. This would insure that your items would ship out within 24 hours of either reciept of your payment or if paying by check, within 24hrs after the 10 day clearance of payment expires as explained below under Payment Options & Policy. ALL packages are sent by the United States Postal Service. Quotes for shipping & handling on all items are available upon request. It should be understood that handling is in addition to and a part of the shipping costs and will be included in the shipping charge.
       Insurance is available for most countries and will be paid out only in the form of an identical REPLACEMENT item, not a refund, so long as the item is still available(See refunds policy below for the exception to the rule). Insurance will only be added if you request it. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES OR LOSS ON ANY ORDERS THAT DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE. However, if a package that is insured does happen to get damaged, then the merchandise including the damaged packaging that it was shipped in must be returned to us inside a new package so that the evidence and proper forms can be filed with the US Post Office from our end. Only after the Post Office has reviewed the evidence and confirms the reimbursement, can we then send you a REPLACEMENT item. Similarly under the coverage of insurance, if a package gets lost in transit, the Post Office requires a 30 day period of time to expire from the date of shipping before reimbursement can be made. Note for International orders with Insurance: By valuing your package for purposes of insuring it, you should understand that your customs department may charge you a fee based on that value at the time of delivery. Please be aware of this before you choose to insure your item and check with your customs office to see what charges may apply.
Many people feel comfortable in using this service but it has been our experience that Paypal can cause financial headaches. It is shown in the Paypal policy that you agree to when signing on with that service that you waive your right to Credit card consumer protection laws. And even if only a single customer's transaction becomes a problem, it could in turn lead to the entire Paypal account to be frozen which would include customer's funds having nothing to do with the problem. This is an inconvenience to our customers that we wish not to allow the opportunity for. Additional information can be attained by visiting the following page of this site... Public Service Announcements
The story and links on that page will explain things in detail to give you a much better understanding for our decision.
We now offer our customers the safest form of payment, that being their own credit card through our Merchant Account.
You can use one of the following cards to make your purchase.
Just let us know when you're ready! :)
Other available options for making payments are as follows:
"Money Order"(Bank, Store or Postal - International Money Order for US dollars on foreign shipments)
"Personal Check"(Because of the quick turnover on many of the types of merchandise items we sell and the forced minimum 10 to 14 day waiting period for checks to clear, personal checks can only be accepted under the following circumstances... An additional $5.00 must be added to the payment per check for a storage & handling fee on the merchandise. If for whatever reason your check does not clear, you will be required to pay an additional $25 banking fee to the total amount due. Finally, you must agree to a wait time of up to 3-4 weeks for delivery of your package when using this form of payment.)
"Bank Cashier's Check"(Only US issued Bank checks are accepted)
"Direct Western Union Cash Transfer"(Click HERE to find a location nearest you to visit in order to send payment. You will get a Money Transfer # that we will need to pick the payment up at a location near us.) Only if within the US, UK or Canada, can you pay online using a VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX. You will get a Money Transfer # that we will need to pick the payment up at a location near us. (Note: If you have never used this service before, you will be required to register only the first time you use it.)
"U.S. Cash"(NOT EURO, Can be sent at your own risk. Euro is not accepted in the US. There are ways to send US cash in an envelope using various services that the US Postal Service provides so that it would have a far less risk of being lost. "Priority" for example. Or even "Signature confirmation" to assure that it gets to it's destination. These services are available for a very minimal fee from the US Postal Service and sending payments this way can sometimes be a good alternative depending upon your situation.)
      Because we sell items both new and used, each product is decribed as such. While we take care in describing all the items we sell as best as we can, it should not be assumed that the item is anything other than what is stated in the description. Because most of the products we sell are from secondary markets, we have no way of returning items for refunds, so it is important for you to Email us with any questions or doubts you may have regarding packaging and condition BEFORE making your purchase.
       ALL SALES ARE FINAL. A refund can only be issued under the following two circumstances:  
A. If an obvious mistake was made on our part in the description of the item. For instance, you ordered the color Blue and you got the color Red instead. If by chance you were sent an item other than what you paid for by mistake, then an exchange will be made for the right item to correct that mistake. If the right item happens to be out of stock, then you will be issued a refund or credit(Your choice) towards another item.
B. Similarly, if an item that was insured is damaged or lost in transit, an identical REPLACEMENT item would normally be sent out(See Insurance info above) unless the item is no longer available. In that case then you would be issued a refund for the purchase price.
NOTE: Any refunds that are made will be the purchase price only, not the shipping & handling charges. Shipping & handling charges are NOT refundable including return shipping regardless of the reason why the return is being made. Returns must be received within 7 days of notification request accompanied by an (RMA)Return Merchandise Authorization number which you will get via email. All returns are subject to inspection and can only be refunded if the product is received as it was shipped. We reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee on all returns.
Have 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles Customize or build a scale model to your exact specifications!
We have many years of experience of replicating a scale model to the real thing with exacting detail. Any scale car, boat or plane can be altered and customized to match the same details of the full size vehicle. This also includes there-creating of an entire diorama. Please have a look at some of our work by clicking HERE.
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