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1/87 Scale scratchbuild Wood construction Train Station

This page features a wooden model built from scratch for a scale model railroader in HO 1/87 scale.

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We start with a basic floor plan on a base of masonite. All exterior walls are measured out and cut along with the window openings in appropriate sizes. The wood is a form of balsa called base wood. While the photos don't show too well here, the base wood is prescribed to show realism with verticle boards in 1/87 scale.

Below on the left we've completed the basic construction for the exterior walls. To the right, we've added interior walls and inner wall supports and have also begun the flooring. The flooring is installed using the same material as the outer walls, however, to add more realism, we've additionally scribed uneven notches every inch or so to show the divisions between the floor planks.
Windows are built completely from scratch one piece at a time and put together with clear plastic to simulate glass behind them. Doors are also made. A loading dock is added raised approx. 1/2 inch from the ground and to match that, that room's flooring inside is also elevated. Then stairs are added from that room leading into the interior adjacent hall. Roof supports made up of 4 hand cut pieces which are carefully joined together and then painted black are glued to the side walls. A chimney which was made from cast material was painstakenly hand scribed to simulate tiny 1/87 scale bricks and was added to the loading dock room.
The roof was made from pre-manufactured shingles and made so that it could be removable for interior decorating. The underside of the roof which cannot be seen in these photos was made from a series of solid balsa beams for support and strength. Other external details were added and the entire piece was then weathered for the final result you see below showing both sides below. 

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