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1/160 Scale Baseball Stadium

This page features a 9,000 seat baseball stadium in 1/160 scale. It has all of what you would expect to see at a game in a Major League ball park.

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Below are photos of a baseball stadium in 1/160 scale. The base model for this diorama was actually a very rare import kit of the famous Rome Coliseum that in itself is quite valuable and very difficult to find. But it was perfect for use in making this custom model. The kit was HO which is 1/87 scale so in order to scale it down to 1/160, all the seating areas were doubled up using scratchboard to cut the seat lines. This was a very long and tedious process since 9,000 seats had to been etched. Dugouts & camera pits were made. And a safety net was placed behind homeplate over the crowd made of fine silk material. Light trusses with real lighting were created as well.
Shown in a small photo above to the left is an equally scaled kit of a revell Goodyear blimp model. This model has been out of production for quite some time. This kit was constructed seperately and hung overhead for a nice added touch!
Below to the left you'll see the outfield with a bullpen and emergency EMS vehicles area. And to the right just above homeplate, the pressbox filled with reporters and commentators for the game in progress. Advertisements were placed all around the stadium and baseball team logos were snatched from of all things, baseball cards! :)