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Hyundai Ocean Oil Rig 

This page features a model that we restored and then customized. This 1/150 scale recreation of a Hyundai Ocean Oil Rig was in absolutely atrocious condition when we received it. Originally built at an estimated cost of $15,000 and measuring approx. 34 X 22 inches, this piece was constructed mostly of brass and then painted. The replica features a main crane that was manufactured piece by piece and soldered. So too were all the railings and sub pieces. Modeled after a workhorse that in real life had a 2,000 Ton capacity, the main crane sits atop a platform that also boasts a much smaller construction crane and a heliport.
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The photo above and two photos below show the beginning stages of the restoration. When comparing these photos to the rest, you can see that the deck was completely void of all it's details. Basically many of these things were severely damaged and needed repair before they could be re-attached. The deck itself was in need of much repair as it too was also badly damaged and void of many of the fine details having been broken loose.



Most all of this model's finely detailed components along with many of the larger ones were made of brass. This made for a very heavy model, around 100 lbs. Some of the smaller details such as Winches, Helicopter, Life Boats, Bumpers etc. were custom made from resin before having been painted. Most of the caisson type pieces for the rig's foundation were made of metal and soldered together. Additional pieces of wood and resin were made for the smaller support components.

Once we were able to restore the main structure and details from damage, we proceeded to add figures to the final construction in the way of workers and forklifts. Taken from 1/160 scaled items originally made for N scale railroad application, they worked very well matching up near perfectly with this 1/150 scaled model. 



A custom sealed case was designed for the model to keep it out of harms way and dust free. That involved the construction of an opened front box that the model could be slid into, then covered by plexi and finished off with aluminum framing. Prior to the case being sealed, three dimensional art was added to simulate the ocean all around and the sky above in what was a combination of oil painting and satin cloth material. The interior top corners were then fitted with lighting as were flourescant lights installed below hidden behind the models base pieces to show the detail better on the underside of the deck above. 



The final result was fairly impressive as seen below. A beautiful "one of a kind" model that we were very pleased to have had the opportunity to restore and customize.