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1/18 1962 Chevy Nova diecast customized

This page features a model that one of our staff had us build as a gift for a close relative. We took an existing diecast metal 1962 2 door Chevy Nova SS in 1/18 scale and converted it to exactly match a 1964 4 door Chevy Nova II. See the photos below for views and comparison of before and after with informative details.

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This model started out as a 1/18 scale diecast 1962 2 door Chevy Nova SS in Black with a White top as shown above.
The body and chassis were completely taken apart including all SS moulding parts. The existing 2 doors were permanently sealed, the body was filled & sanded smooth and new door lines were cut to create the 4 doors needed.
After the doors were primed, new pieces needed to be built from scratch to create the window frames and supports.
Much of the original plastic moulding was not usable anymore. SS models had much more chrome on the body than the straight Nova II models and so new moulding was hand made to properly fit the new model.
Even the wheels were custom designed and cut to match that of the owner's real car. The interior was changed from Red to Black and added details were applied to the dash.
Finally, the body was painted, new custom side moulding was applied and the piece was very carefully reconstructed to create the finished product you see in the 2 photos shown below. The customer was quite happy with the result. :)