123 Studio Toybox Collectibles' Portfolio of custom designs in scale modeling.
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1/25 Auto Carrier Semi Rig & classic Automobiles


This page features a series of 1/25 scale plastic model build ups that we combined into a nice little diorama. Included are an International Transtar II Eagle tractor with an old Revell Autotransport trailer. With that we have three vintage Pontiacs(2 coupes & 1 convertible); two Fords(1956 & 1966 T-Birds); a 1958 Plymouth and a 1950 Chevy. All models are straight builds with added detailing to our liking. The diorama was finished off with a few 1/25 scale figures for some simulated animation. The trailer is a very difficult kit to find and quite expensive to acquire. The tractor is also a tough kit to find although not as much. The automobiles are fairly new kits. Various painting techniques were used to achieve the colors, none were straight out of the can. Have a look at the photos and enjoy!! :)
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