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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief

The worst natural disaster in the history of record keeping leaves the most powerful Asian country in coastal ruins that will take years to overcome. People in situations such as this need the Worlds help and support!

Anyone interested in donating whatever they can, please use the contact links at the bottom of this page.


Radiation poses a serious threat to Japan's people. A child is being tested in the image below.  

Cars & Planes were tossed by incredibly powerful waves that topped 20 feet!


Waters receeding revealed damage. 





 Just one of many towns that were wiped from the face of the Earth. Before(Above) & After(Below)



Fires burned out of control for several days and nights.


Thousands upon thousands of lives lost, fear of radiation in the air from the damaged incurred at nuclear plants, 100s of billions of dollars in infrastructure damage in many parts of the country including inner areas of Tokyo and a devasting volcanic eruption in the South end of Japan to add to the hardships amassed only just hours before. Japan's worst disaster since World War II.



Contributions can be made directly to the RED CROSS by credit card

Animals need our help during times like these too! The SPCA International is standing by to help Japan and all countries with difficult times like this. Japan can use our help to save their animals.


An effort is underway by the SPCA in Japan to save the animals in the most hard hit areas. Many pets have been rescued as a result. Please visit their site to support them in their quest to help all animals during times like this.


A man clings onto his dog amid the devistation as it seems that all they have left is each other.