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Some items on the list below are new in packaging while others are slightly used out of package. If you need more details on any specific item on the list below, you are welcome to request prices, photos, ask questions or place orders by clicking HERE
ITEM #  
00127/091     Railroad Magazines - Many different types of back issues are available by such names as "Rail Pace", "Model Railroader", "Railroad Model Craftsman" & "Rail fan"
00127/091     Model Railroader Magazine Near Complete & Complete 12 month series:
                    1984...Missing Only June
                    1990...Missing Oct., Nov. & Dec.
                    1993...Missing Dec.
04765/119     1977-78 Lima 67 Page full color catalog "How To Enjoy Trains" - English Version
04766/119     1977-78 Lima 67 Page full color catalog "How To Enjoy Trains" - Spanish Version
00690/122     1980 Lima 131 Page Full color catalog "The International Collection"
00691/122     1983 Lima 83 Page Full color catalog "The Lima Collection"
00692/122     1980-81 67 Page Full color catalog "English International Edition"
00095/079     Working automated RR Crossing Gates w/track(New-unboxed)
00368/062     Exxon Service Station Lighted Signs(Set of 2)(New)
00369/062     2 Light Train Signal(New)
00370/062     3 Light Target Train Signal(New)
00084/062     E-Z Mate Kadee style couplers in various shanks & lengths(Ask for what's available)
00084/062     Heavy Lubricant Engine Oil
00084/062     Light Lubricant Engine Oil
00084/062     Lubricating Gear Grease
00095/082     Exacto Gauge(Small)
00095/082     Exacto Gauge(Large)
00095/082     Kadee set of 4 detailed Logs for train loads(New Kit)
00095/082     Set of 24 Railroad & Street signs(New)
00095/082     Set of 6 Telephone Poles & 12 Signs(New)
00095/000     66 signs & 2 Telephone poles set - 2 sets available(New)
00095/000     Railroad Signs - Set of 24 pieces(New)
00095/000     Signal Bridge(New Kit)
00095/000     Signs & Telephone Poles set(New)
00095/022     Set of Telephone Poles & Signs - 2 sets available(New-loose)
00095/025     Railroad & Street signs set(New)
00095/025     Road & Rail Signs - 2 sets available(New)
00095/025     Telephone Poles & Signs Set - 2 sets available(New)
00095/025     Manual Water Pump w/Trowel(New Kit)
00068/043     Ass.Lot of scratchbuilt parts w/train coupler/uncouplers & gauge(New & used)
00095/036     Assorted Signs Set(New)
00379/062-80 Operating Log Loader(New Built up)
00380/062-80 Operating Pipe Loader(New Built up)
00381/062-80 Operating Gravel Loader(New Built up)
00068/064     Crossing Gates w/Detailed Platform(New Built up)
00095/067     Telephone Poles set of 7(2 Sets available)(New-loose)
00095/075     Telephone Poles set of 6(2 sets available)(New)
00095/079     Roadside Billboards includes 3 w/12 different signs(2 available)(New Kit)
00095/079     Railroad Platform includes 4 platform sections(New Kit)
00095/081     Railroad Crossing Dual Operating Crossing Gates(New Built up)
00076/086     Circus Pole Wagon(New Kit by Walthers)
00084/088     Tyco Electric Train Whistle(Used but Works great)
06550/088     RailPower 1300 Model Train Power Pack(NEW)
00095/000     Loading Platform w/Railroad Signs Lot(Excellent shape)
06550/000     Tyco Train Transformer(Used but works very well)(3 available)
00095/091     Operating Freight Carrier & Crates(NEW)
00080/091     Small varying lengths of track - minimum 15 piece lots.(10 available)(Used but good cond.)
06550/091     Train Transformer(3 good used available models to choose from)
00084/098     Set of 24 Road & Rail signs(NEW)
00084/098     Automatic Working Crossing Gate w/Super detailed base(NEW)
00095/000     78 Unpainted Road & Track Signs & Telephone Poles(NEW)
00095/000     Loading Dock 40 foot containers "CN Intermodal" & "CP Ships"(Used in very good shape)
00095/102     Woodberry Crossing gate/Automated(NEW)
00095/102     Operating Freight Carrier & Crates(NEW)
00095/106     Set of 9 Telephone Poles & 1 Railroad Crossing signal(Used but excellent)-2 available
00095/108     Maxwell House Billboard & real working train whistle(Used - Works Great)
00095/110     Poles & Signs Lot - 2 available
00095/119     Operating Crossing gates w/Trainman's Hut(Used in good working order)
00095/121     Signal Bridge Kit(NEW)
00095/122     Light Bridge & Tyco Train Whistle(Used lot)
00095/122     Light Bridge & Trainman's Shed(Used Lot)
00095/122     Signal Bridge Kit - Life-Like(NEW)
00095/122     Signal Bridge Kit - Bachmann(NEW)
00092/122     Vintage Working electrical Signal with track section(Used-good condition)
06550/122     Small train transformer(Several available in slightly used but good working order)
00092/122     Set of electrical working street lamps(Used missing tops in good working order)
00092/122     Train Whistle(Tyco)(Excellent condition & working order)
00095/123     Set of telephone poles & various signs(Used-2 similar sets available)
00061/125     Automatic Lighted Crossing Gate w/Gondola train car(Needs repair)
00095/125     Lightbridge & Truck terminal loading platform(3 available)
00095/136     Operating Crossing Gate(New in sealed box)
00095/136     Automated RR crossing w/Signal Man in Lighted Shack(New in sealed box)
00095/138     Mid Atlantic Automatic Pipe Loader includes Track section and pipes(NEW)
00095/138     24 piece railroad signs set - NEW
00095/139     Set of 11 new telephone poles
00095/139     Trackside sceneic accessories including Power box, vending machines, barrels and more.NEW
00095/139     RR Crossing scenic accessories including Power box, Gates, Pumps, barrels and more.NEW
00095/139     Set of 42 Trestle pieces by LIONEL - Used in excellent shape
00095/139     Set of Pine Trees - Snap fit NEW Kit(8 trees)
00095/147     Atlas Switch Control Box #56(Set of 4 NEW)
00095/164     12 Telephone Poles(Near New)
00095/164     Set of 12 Telephone Poles & 12 trackside signs(NEW)
06550/164     MRC Model 100 Power Pack in Box(Excellent condition)
00095/170     3 set lot including Park Bench square w/Flag; Set of Flag poles AND Set of Telephone Poles(6)
00095/170     2 set lot including Roofing & gound details such as Mailboxes, Fire Hydrants, Roof vents & smoke stacks etc. AND a 8 piece sidewalk set in 4 lengths of 12 inches with quarter round ends(6)
00095/170     Complete set of Fire Escapes with ladders enough to make 4 landings(20)
00095/171     Operating Signal Man w/Lighted Shack(Old NEW stock)
00095/172     Two track span Gantry w/ 4 Block signals, Target Signal, Relay House & Transformer(NEW)
00095/172     Piggyback Loading & Unloading Building & Forklift. Forklift moves forwards and backwards & up and down via the two toggle remote control switch. Works good, not perfect. May need maintanence. Comes with section of track mounted to it's base.
00095/172     Assorted Signs and Telephone Poles(NEW)
00095/172     Assorted accessories - LARGE Lot including signs, cones & Telephone Poles
00095/172     AHM Accessories - Crossing gates, Transformer, Barrels, Gas pumps & Oil Pumps
06550/196     Autopulse Twin Transamp Model 30 Transformer(NEW)
00068/197     Wayside Warehouse with WORKING Steam Whistle(NEW)
For information about Testors hobby paint from the Standard,
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