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ITEM #            00 SCALE(4 MM. to the foot)
00982/128    Crusader Tank(MK.II or MK.III)(Airfix)Vintage Kit
ITEM #            1/35 SCALE
00193/063     German Light Tank/Cannon PzKpfw TK(p) (RPM)
00194/063     Polish Tankietka TKS A Wnetrzem Tank (RPM)
00195/099     Polish Czolg Lekki TKW II Tank (RPM)
00198/063-80 German Ciagnik art. PzKpfw. 743(r) (RPM)
00199/080-99 Russian T-34/85 Tank (RPM)
00200/063     German Niszczyciel Czotgow UE 630(f) Tank (RPM)
00201/063-80-99 Russian SU-76M Dzialo Samobiezne Tank (RPM)
00202/063-80 German BA 20ZD Drezyna Pancerna Armoured Rail Vehicle (RPM)
00203/063-80-99 German  Ft-31 / PzKpfw 730(f) Czotg Lekki Tank (RPM)
00197/080     Polish Ciagnik Pancerny CP Tank w/z armata Polowa wz.1897/38 Cannon
00929/080-99 German Sdkfz.135 Tank"Stuka zu FuB" z wyrzutniq rakiet s.W.G.40 32cm
00923/080     Polish Czotg Lekki T-60 Tank z dodatkowym opancerzeniem
00812/000-206     U.S. M151A2 Jeep w/Tow missile Launcher(Tamiya)
00488/063     German Opel Blitz 3(t) Type S Truck
00497/063     German Leopard A4 Battle Tank
02244/000-159     German 6X4 Truck Krupp Protze(Includes Driver & figures)2
05378/180     Char Hotchkiss H35 Tank & Canon Model 25 - British(HELLER)
05381/180     British Special Air Service Jeep(TAMIYA)
05382/180     US M21 Halftrack 81mm Mortar Carrier(TAMIYA)
05383/180     German Jagd Panzer Hunting Tiger Tank(TAMIYA)
05384/180     German 88mm Gun Flak 36/37 w/Zundapp KS750 Motorcycle & 9 Military Figures(TAMIYA - SUPER KIT)

05385/180     German Sd.kfz.250/3 Greif Half Track w/11 Soldiers and General Rommel

03339/206     US Mi51A2 Ford Mutt Jeep w/Machine Gun(Tamiya)

DIORAMA including 3 kits:
00924/080     Russian BA-20M Armoured Car
00925/080     Polish 75mm Armata wz.1897 Field Gun
00926/080     Polish wz.34 Armoured Car            
ITEM #            1/48 SCALE
00489/147     Russian Al Abbas SS-1C Scud B Missile Truck(Iraqi Version)
00490/063-147     Russian Al Hussein SS-1C Scud B Missile Truck
00492/063     Russian Scud B R-17 Missile Truck
00491/063     US Patriot Antenne Mast Truck
00494/063     US Patriot Controller MSQ104 Truck
ITEM #            1/72 SCALE
00468/000     German Jagdpanzer IV L/48 Early Version Tank(Hasegawa)
00469/000     German Panzer IV 70(V) Lang Tank(Hasegawa)
00470/000     US MS Stuart MK.I Light Tank(Hasegawa)
00471/000     German 88mm Anti-Aircraft Flak 18 Gun(Hasegawa)
00472/000     German 8 Ton Personnel Halftrack(Hasegawa)
02109/000     British M3 Grant MK.I Medium Tank(Hasegawa)
02121/000     German Flakpanzer IV 20mm "Wirbelwind"(Hasegawa)
02123/000     Japanese Toyota Aircraft Starter Truck(Hasegawa)
03724/128     German Panther G Tank(AHM)Vintage Kit
03726/128     German 8 Ton Half Track w/Quad 20mm AA Gun(AHM)Vintage kit
03727/128     German Pz. Kpfw. III ausf.M Tank(AHM)Vintage
03728/128     German Half Track Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Hanomag(AHM)Vintage Kit
03729/128     German Pz.Kpfw. II ausf.F Tank(AHM)Vintage Kit)
03730/206     German Wespe Self-propelled Howitzer Tank(AHM)Vintage Kit)
00052/128     German 175mm Assault Gun Tank(Airfix)Vintage 1973 kit(Bagged)
00999/128     German Jagdpanther Tank(ESCI) New
01000/128     German 35(T) Skoda Tank(ESCI) New
01038/128     German Panzer III Tank (Aurora / ESCI) New
01039/128     German Panzer IV Tank (Aurora / ESCI) New
01041/128     German Opel Blitz Transport vehicle (Aurora / ESCI) New
01042/128     German Sd. Kfz. II Halftrack Munitions Carrier (Aurora / ESCI) New
01005/128     U.S. G.M.C. CCKW-353 Cargo Truck (Hasegawa) New
01007/128     British MK III Valentine Tank (ESCI) New in Bag unboxed, no manual
01008/128     German Pz. Kpfw.I ausf.B Tank (ESCI) New in Bag unboxed, no manual
05320/173     British Churchill Tank (Airfix-72) NEW Sealed

05293-95/173     German 3 kit set - Sd.Kfz II Halftrack / 7.5cm PAK 40 Cannon / BMW R.75 Motorcycle & sidecar (Matchbox - NEW)

04840/206     German Panzer IV Tank(Airfix)
04835/206     British Bofors 40mm AA Gun & Tractor(Airfix)
04834/206     US White Half Track M3A1(Airfix)
01005/206     GMC CCKW-353 Cargo Truck(Hasegawa)
00471/206     German 88mm Flak 18 Gun(Hasegawa)

Testors Modeling Paint
Inquire for desired colors & availability
00680/115     Testors Model Masters Colors in 1/2 oz. sizes
00680/115     Testors Standard bottle 1/4 oz. sizes
00680/115     Testors Boyd Colors in 1/2 oz. sizes
00681/115     Testors Model Masters Colors Spray Paint 3 oz. sizes
00681/115     Testors Standard color series spray paint 3 oz. sizes
00418/000     Complete set of 15 modeling brushes in assorted sizes
00682/068     1942 Dodge T214-WC54 Army Ambulance(Corgi)
00683/068     1941 Jeep Willys 4X4 Covered Utility(Corgi)
00684/068     1941 US M3 A1 Half Track(Corgi)
00685/068     1960s US H-13D MASH Army Chopper(Corgi)